Turn Him Evil

When Harry is only one year old, Bellatrix Lestrange kidnaps him off the Dursley's doorstep. For ten years, the Wizarding World had no idea what had happened to their saviour. Until McGonagall sees the Magic Quill writing out a letter to Mr. H. Potter.

Meanwhile, in the Lestrange Estate, Bellatrix and Rodolphus are accidentally redeeming themselves in the eyes of the fandom; While the Wizarding World has spent the last ten years searching for the Boy Who Lived, they've spent them training him to be the most powerful Death Eater in existence; while also teaching him to be kind and sweet to those who deserve it, not to mention spoiling him rotton.


3. Chapter Three

The date was July 30, 1991. Minerva McGonagall went to check on all the letters the Magic Quill had written out. If there wasn't one addressed to Harry Potter by now, they'd have to accept that he was either a squib, or dead. 

She walked into the room right as a new envelope was magically moved to underneath the quill. Watching carefully, Minerva was ecstatic when she saw what it was writing. 

Mr. H. Potter

Her happiness quickly turned to confusion and fear when she saw the address, however. 

Second bedroom on the right

Lestrange Estate



Snatching up the envelope, Minerva left the quill to write the rest of Harry's letter on the desk, deciding she would write it herself later, and stalked up to Dumbledore's office. 

Without even knocking, Minerva banged the door open, walked up to Dumbledore's desk, and tossed the letter down onto it. 

"Well, he's still alive." She snapped. "However, he is currently at the Lestrange residence. The Lestrange's, Albus! Do you know what they could be doing to him right now?" 

"Well..." Dumbledore said slowly, "At least we know he's alive." 

"Albus Dumbledore, I cannot believe you!" Minerva was shouting now. "First, you don't even knock on the stupid door! Then, you hardly even look for the boy when he goes missing! And now that we know he's alive, but with Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, you think that we can just leave him there until September, and everything will be alright?" 

"Minerva, please calm yourself," Dumbledore began, but didn't get further than that. 

"Calm myself?" Minerva looked like she was about to explode with anger and indignation. "Albus, I offered to take him in! begged you to let me take him, and all you told me was 'he'll be safer with his aunt and uncle'. Well, guess what, Albus? He never even met his aunt and uncle, who are terrible people, by the way, and we thought he was dead these last ten years! And all you did when you found out he was missing was tell me he'll turn up! You didn't even bother to look for him! Who organized all those searches? I did! Who spent months having someone else teach their class, because they were searching every country there was a possibility the boy was in by themselves? I did! Who was the one who put ads in the newspaper, posters, notified wizarding and Muggle governments alike in nearly one hundred countries, just so that if anyone saw him, they could let us know? I DID. And now that I find out he's alive, but who knows in what condition, you tell me to calm myself? I cannot believe how long you have been in charge of this school, how long the entire Wizarding World has looked up to you! I am going to go find the boy and make sure he's at least alright, and you are not going to do anything that could possibly make that more difficult." 

"Minerva, do you even know where the Lestrange estate is?" Dumbledore asked. 

"Well, I know it's in Cambridge, and if I have to spend weeks searching every inch of that country to find it, I will." Minerva snapped, snatching up the envelope and stuffing it into her pocket. "I will find him, I will deliver him his letter, and I will rescue him from the Lestranges if it's needed!" Minerva seemed unable to stop herself from yelling at Dumbledore more, because... "You don't even know if he needs saving! He could be locked in a basement, starving and beaten! He could be perfectly fine, the Lestrange's could have turned over a new leaf and have raised him as their own! Who knows what's been going on in his life this last decade? You certainly don't!" 

Before Dumbledore could say another word, Minerva turned on her heel and stalked out of her office, slamming the door behind her as hard as she possibly could. 

She had meant every word she'd said to Dumbledore. She fully intended to write out Harry's letter, and then figure out where he was and deliver it to him. Personally. She intended to find out what his life had been like, and determine whether or not he needed to be removed from his current environment. Because, apparently unlike Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall didn't see Harry Potter as only the Boy-Who-Lived, as a pawn in a game of chess. She saw him as a living boy, who had feelings and his own mind, who needed to be taken care of just as much as any other child did. 


When someone knocked on the door to the Lestrange Estate, Harry happened to be the one to answer it. Standing on the doorstep was a woman he didn't recognize; a woman with black hair tied tightly into a bun, who was wearing emerald green robes and a green, pointed hat. She had a wand in her hand, so Harry assumed she was a witch. 

"Um... hi?" Harry said uncertainly. 

"Hello," the woman said, "Are you... are you Harry Potter?" 

"Yeah, I am," Harry said slowly, "Who are you?" 

"I am Professor Minerva McGonagall, a teacher at Hogwarts school," The woman, who was apparently called 'McGonagall', explained. "May I speak with your guardians?"

"Yeah, I guess," Harry shrugged, turning his head over his shoulder, "MUM! SOMEONE CALLED PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL WANTS TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" 

"Mum?" McGonagall asked uncertainly, as the kitchen door swung open. 

"Oh, hello, Professor," Bellatrix was wearing her signature jeans and sweatshirt, with her wand stuck through her messy bun. "How did you find us?" 

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" McGonagall asked. "You certainly seem to know me." 

Bellatrix laughed slightly. "Yeah, I was one of your students. I guess you don't recognize me? Bellatrix Lestrange, at your service." 

"Bella-Bellatrix?" McGonagall stuttered slightly. "Well, you look... different." 

"Yeah, I suppose I've changed quite a bit since Voldemort disappeared." Bellatrix shrugged. "I see you've met Harry?" 

"Yes, I have," McGonagall looked shocked. "I'm just here... to deliver his Hogwarts letter." 

Harry sighed slightly, turning to face Bellatrix, holding onto the doorknob. "Are you and Dad sure I have to go? Draco and I are perfectly happy being homeschooled!" 

"Draco?" McGonagall looked at Bellatrix. 

"Yes, him and Draco Malfoy have gotten along quite nicely for the past years." Bellatrix nodded. "And yes, Harry, we are sure you have to go. Why don't you hang out in your room for a bit, so your father and I can talk with Professor McGonagall?" 

Harry groaned, but tromped up the stairs into his bedroom. 

"Come, Rodolphus is in the sitting room." Bellatrix led McGonagall down a hallway into the sitting room, where Rodolphus was indeed sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper. "Rodolphus, Professor McGonagall has come to deliver Harry's letter, so I thought we'd better have a chat with her." 

Rodolphus folded up his newspaper and leaned forward. "Of course. Have a seat, Professor." 

Bellatrix and McGonagall both sat down, Bellatrix next to Rodolphus, McGonagall across from both of them. 

"I must admit, I was most surprised to see how much you've both changed." McGonagall admitted. 

"Yes, well, we've decided that, now that the Dark Lord is gone and we've had a chance to raise a son, we'd like to turn over a new leaf, not practice the Dark Arts anymore." Rodolphus nodded. "Of course, we've been teaching Harry some of the more essential survival spells since he was seven, while Severus stops by quite often to teach him Potions and History of Magic. Bellatrix tends to teach him the Defensive magic, while I've been teaching him Charms and Transfiguration." 

"Wait, you're telling me that Severus knew where Harry was?" McGonagall spluttered. 

"Yes..." Bellatrix hesitated. "Are you telling me you didn't?" 

"No, I most certainly did not!" McGonagall looked indignant now. "The majority of the Wizarding World has been under the impression that Harry was kidnapped off his aunt and uncle's doorstep by Dark wizards, and was most likely dead!" 

"Well, he technically was kidnapped off his aunt and uncle's doorstep, by a witch who was, at the time, Dark." Bellatrix nodded. "However, we thought that Severus would have at least told you!" 

"Yes, well, he did not," McGonagall said crisply, "And I intend on having some... words with him, once I return to Hogwarts. But enough of this. Why did Harry seem... less than happy about attending Hogwarts?" 

"Well, as Rodolphus and I haven't exactly... told anyone that we're starting over, we haven't been able to go anywhere except for here and Malfoy Manor." Bellatrix explained. "And while that hasn't bothered the boys at all, per se, it has made them rather reluctant to leave the homeschool environment and attend Hogwarts. They'd rather it stayed just the two of them here, being taught by us and Lucius and Narcissa, with Severus dropping by every few days to help out." 

"I see." McGonagall nodded. "It seems that you've both decided to send them, however?" 

"Yes, we think that the exposure to other witches and wizards will be good for Draco and Harry," Rodolphus nodded. "There are undoubtedly some things that we have just... forgotten are not exactly... practiced in the general Wizarding World, so it would be good for them to figure out what those are before adulthood." 

"Yes, probably." Minerva agreed. "I'd better be off, however, so here is Harry's letter and booklist, and I'll see him on September First. However, it might be easier for the three of you if I picked up his supplies? If the world believes him to be dead, and you two criminals, it would not be good for you to show up in Diagon Alley." 

"Oh, we were just going to have him use our old books, cauldrons, and such." Bellatrix said airily. "We took him to get a wand and broom when he was seven, under Glamour charms, so I think we'll be all set." 

"Right," McGonagall said, "Then I'll be on my way." 

"Thank you for stopping by," Bellatrix showed McGonagall to the door, "And I apologize for any alarm we caused you for the past decade!"

"I'll admit I was rather alarmed," McGonagall gave a tight smile, "But I will sort that all out with Albus and Severus once I return to Hogwarts. Thank you for explaining." 

With that, McGonagall swished out the front door, disapparating once outside the boundaries of the Estate, leaving Bellatrix to close the door, smiling slightly and shaking her head. 

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