Turn Him Evil

When Harry is only one year old, Bellatrix Lestrange kidnaps him off the Dursley's doorstep. For ten years, the Wizarding World had no idea what had happened to their saviour. Until McGonagall sees the Magic Quill writing out a letter to Mr. H. Potter.

Meanwhile, in the Lestrange Estate, Bellatrix and Rodolphus are accidentally redeeming themselves in the eyes of the fandom; While the Wizarding World has spent the last ten years searching for the Boy Who Lived, they've spent them training him to be the most powerful Death Eater in existence; while also teaching him to be kind and sweet to those who deserve it, not to mention spoiling him rotton.


4. Chapter Four

"So I got my Hogwarts letter yesterday," Harry said casually, laying across Draco's bed and staring at the ceiling. 

"So did I." Draco commented, leaning against the bed, his head next to Harry's. 

"So it's official that we have to go?" Harry asked, rolling over so he could see Draco. 

"Yeah." Draco sighed. "Mum and Dad just agreed that I've got to go, and that was that. I get no say." 

"Same here." Harry sighed, too. "Hey, did you know that apparently the Wizarding World thought I was dead?" 

"Really?" Draco asked.

"Yeah, this McGonagall person came by to give me my letter, and she was all like, 'wow, we thought you were dead for these last ten years! I've got to go have a talk with Severus and Dumbledore.' Mum and Dad thought that Severus would have told them where I was, but apparently he didn't." 

"Huh." Draco said. "And aren't you supposed to be the saviour of the wizarding world? The Boy-Who-Lived and all that?" 

"Yeah, I think so." Harry nodded. He suddenly stifled a snigger. "So they must have thought that the Boy-Who-Lived died just, like, an hour after he was supposed to have saved the Wizarding World by not dying." 

"That would have been extremely ironic." Draco nodded, finally looking up from whatever he was working on and lifting it up to Harry. "Happy birthday." 

"What?" Harry sat up and slid onto the floor next to his best friend. 

"July 31." Draco said, smiling at Harry, still holding out his project. "It's your birthday. You're eleven now." 

"Yeah, I know that," Harry said, taking it. "You didn't have to give me anything!" 

"But I wanted to." Draco said. "Now open it!" 

Harry grinned at Draco, before slowly beginning to unwrap the parcel. Inside all the wrappings was a book. 

"Open the book." Draco commanded, when Harry looked like he would be stopping there. 

Laughing slightly, Harry opened the book. It was full of photos, of James and Lily, Bellatrix and Rodolphus, Lucius and Narcissa, Harry and Draco, and the people all mixed together. Of course, the ones of James and Lily were just them, sometimes with Harry, and sometimes with people Harry didn't recognize, like the one of their wedding. On the inside cover, there was a small note carved into the leather. 

 Dear Harry,

Happy 11th birthday! I thought you might like this album, so that you can store your memories. There are empty pages for you to fill yourself. 

Thanks for being my best friend, and brother.


"Aw, thank you, Draco!" Harry hugged his friend. "Once we do get to Hogwarts, we'd better be in the same House!" 

"I know I'm going into Slytherin." Draco said. "I just... know it. You could go into either Slytherin or Gryffindor." 

"If you're going into Slytherin, then I'm going into Slytherin." Harry decided. 

Draco laughed. "Whatever you want." 


Hey guys! I thought you might like this little bit of Harry and Draco friendship fluffy stuff. :) I really enjoyed writing it, since it's just so cute!!! 

I've got to get to my Peter Pan rehearsal, so I'll see you all later, my lovely pineapples! 

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