Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


26. Book Two: Chapter 8: Entering, Salem Kobayashi, Enyalius of Ira

Last time, Natsumi went up against Ahn Min-Ji, the leader of the Ono Retainers.
I am so happy my little girl took that monster's daughter on. Mashiro replied. Dad, a few minutes you were going to scold me? Natsumi asked. You know I was trying to help her from dying. Hiiro replied. Who are you? Natsumi asked. So you were meddling, again? Mashiro replied. Dad, who is she? Natsumi asked. Meet my familiar, Hiiro one of the retainers of the immortal beast. Mashiro replied. Wait you are one of the retainers? Ichiko asked. You are so beautiful. Megumi replied. Some guy in a cloak was watching from the distance. Hiiro replied. Let me guess he had honey brown eyes? I asked. Yes, he looks a lot like her. Hiiro replied. We are not going to bring up that traitor. Mashiro replied. You can deny it all you want. Hiiro replied. Dad, who are you all talking about? Natsumi asked. Maybe another time. Mashiro replied. As Mashiro helped Natsumi up, Gabriel appeared to check things out. Are you all ok? Gabriel asked. Yes, we are but Natsumi went toe-to-toe with one of the Vermilion Beast. Mashiro replied. She was powerful but for some reason, she was holding back. I replied. I know why but I sensed some weird presences. Ichiko replied. It was as he wanted to fight all of us in one sitting. I replied. It must be his son. Gabriel replied. I need you to be careful going home Ichiko. Gabriel replied. What are you talking about Mr. Higashiyama? Ichiko asked. That man is after me, isn't he? Ichiko replied. I wish that white-haired war freak, Yumi would appear to help us out. I replied.
When Ichiko was on the home, she was stopped by Salem Kobayashi. 
So you were after me after all. Ichiko replied. Ichiko summoned her naginata, God of Northern Wind, Boreas. So you have that kind of power. Salem replied. Salem summoned his Naginata God of Death, Thanatos. They began clashed. Salem jumped back. Out of nowhere, a crescent stopped his sword. That attack I just saw it couldn't be her. Ichiko thought. Then a girl with snow white hair appeared. She walked in front of Ichiko. Ichiko don't defile your hands with trash like him, leave this cocky bastard to me. Yumi replied. Yumi is that you? Ichiko asked. Go home. Yumi replied. So you must be the Yumi Yukimoto I have heard all about. Salem replied. You are right, I am Yumi Yukimoto, the new Lunar Empress. Yumi replied. Well let me introduce myself, I am Salem Kobayashi. Salem replied. Astrid walked up and to Salem and told him to withdraw. So this the girl you been wanting to fight? Astrid asked. Let's go, you know how Izanami is. Astrid replied. This isn't over. Salem replied. 
Yumi has appeared!

Stay Tuned.

Enyalius is the god is a minor god of war. He is also the son of Ares and Enyo. His parents are also the god and goddess of war.  

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