Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


25. Book Two: Chapter 7: Entering, Ahn Min-Ji the Vermilion Beast of Superbia

Last time, the girls were learning about their new abilities. Then out of nowhere, Liliya Suzuki of Avaritia attacked Yoshi.
Hey, don't you dare attack people because you desire too? Min-Ji asked. Hey, you can't tell me what to do. Liliya replied. Natsumi ran to Yoshi. What the hell do you think you are doing? Natsumi asked. So you must be Sakura Asahi? Min-Ji asked. Yes, I am. Natsumi replied. I am sorry, Liliya attacked your friend. Min-Ji replied. I don't hear any sincerity in your voice. You sound more like you are looking down on the both of us. Natsumi replied. I mean you two are nothing but a wannabe female swordsman and a weak princess. Min-Ji replied. Soon as Min-Ji said that Natsumi spurred in action. From your rage, you are the sin of superbia. Min-Ji replied. As of you, I am superbia as well. Min-Ji replied. I do wonder, who will cut who? Min-Ji replied. As Min-Ji and Natsumi unsheathed each other's swords. What the hell this is my dad's sword, Miho no Megami. Natsumi thought. Oh well it will have to do. Natsumi thought. As soon Natsumi unsheathed the sword. Mashiro got up out of bed. Hey by any chance, have you seen Natsumi? Mashiro asked. I have not why? Natalie asked. That damn girl, she how did she even call that sword of all those. Mashiro mumbled. Are you going out to look for her? Natalie asked. You could say that. Mashiro replied. Mashiro got dress and rushed downstairs. Mashiro walked outside and ran to Natsumi's location. As soon as they sheathe each others sword, the two were seriously injured.Natsumi cut Min-Ji's sides and collarbone. Min-Ji cut Natsumi's chest above her heart. So you were aiming for my vitals? Min-Ji asked. Same as you. Natsumi replied. I didn't even see them swing their swords really. replied. It's pretty simple, Sakura that sword you wield doesn't belong to you does it? Min-Ji asked. As soon Min-Ji said that Mashiro appeared. When the hell did you take that sword out of all those and you unsheathe it as well? Mashiro asked. Dad, that sword I can't explain it but I wanted to summon the new sword I got of Superbia but Miho no Megami appeared instead. So that is what happened. Natsumi replied. Natsumi, I will talk to you later, when we get home. Mashiro replied. From looking at her, your the daughter of the Vermilion Beast? Mashiro asked. Yes, I am. You are the man who went toe-to-toe with my mother and the fight ended in a draw. Min-Ji replied. You know you sound just like that cold-hearted monster of a mother. Mashiro replied. I only acknowledge people who are of my status. Let's leave this place, Liliya. Min-Ji replied. Also, Sakura that is just part one of our battle. We will finish this. Min-Ji replied. I will be waiting. Natsumi replied.  

The Vermilion Beast is one of the four mythological beasts of the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations. It represents the beast of the South. It is also supposed to be elegant and noble in appearance and behavior. 

As you see that is why I have Ahn Min-Ji like a snobby know-it-all.

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