Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


24. Book Two: Chapter 6: Entering, Liliya Suzuki the Melusine of Avaritia

Last time, Haru and the girls were told to run for safety. Soon after they met a woman who was telling them how to get the upper hand on those five.

Are you really going to keep your word? Orchid replied. These girls need to be ready to attack them head-on if they need too. Orchid replied. I know what you mean and I will do my best to do that. Aya replied. I wish for their progress. Aya replied. As the girls were talking, they were curious to find out what their elemental sin they are. Well from looking at you guys I can tell what element you all are. Aya replied. Sakura your element is fire and your sin is Superbia. Wait my sin is pride? Natsumi asked. Now that you bring up. You are very prideful. I replied. I do take pride when I beat someone up. Natsumi replied. You shouldn't be proud of that. Yoshi replied. Well to Yoshi, you are the sin of Avaritia. Aya replied. What would I be the sin of greed? Yoshi asked. Your powers have the ability to rob people of their abilities kind of the sin of greed. Aya replied. That is a horrible way to say that. Yoshi replied. Now your power Ichiko you are a wind user and the sin of Luxuria. Aya replied. I am nowhere near lustful. The lustful person is a certain girl that name that starts with an A. Ichiko replied. Don't talk about her. I replied. Stop talking about Annie. Megumi replied. Back to the topic. Aya replied. Sorry. Ichiko and I replied. You know your elements and sins going along with it. Aya replied. Soon after the girls were happy to find out they have sins to go along with theirs. Soon as they were all walking home, Liliya Suzuki appeared before Yoshi. So you are the sin of Avaritia as well. I want to see if you are worthy of that sin. Liliya replied. Liliya summoned a whip made out of water. Yoshi dodged her whip attacks. Don't run like a chicken fight me like you mean it! Liliya yelled. Yoshi transformed and looked at her and her water whip started squeezing Engveni. So the rumors are true you can manipulate water to your will. Liliya breaks free and her water whip cut Yoshi's face causing her to bleed. Everyone ran over and was shocked that they attacked Yoshi. Yoshi are you alright? I asked. I am fine. I won't let her hurt me. Yoshi replied.
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Melusine is a mermaid from English Folklore.

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