Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


23. Book Two: Chapter 5: Introduction: Seven Deadly Sins

 Last time, all the retainers show themselves before Haru, Ichiko, and Yoshi. After that, the leader, Ahn Min-Ji came out and attacked Orchid. Orchid realized they were using ancient arts from the Forbidden Library.
The girls ran away into Megumi's Dojo. Hey, what is going on? Yoshi asked. What is the Forbidden Library? Natsumi asked. The Forbidden Library can teach many things from fighting styles and learned magic. Megumi replied. What Orchid was talking about is the sins that make you human. Megumi replied. Are you talking about Acedia, Avaritia, Gula, Ira, Invidia, Luxuria and Superbia? I asked. Yes, I will help you learn it but note your body is only compatible with one element or two but try to stay with one. Megumi replied. Gabriel appeared and slashed his sword of infinity. Soon as the fighting stop, Orchid was crawling into the door. Orchid are you alright? I asked. Haru I don't care what your father says we have to break the seal on your power of Ira. Orchid replied. You know how my dad feels. I replied. As soon as Orchid said that Gabriel rushed through the door. Haru and you girls are you ok? Gabriel asked. Dad, why are you here? I asked. I never thought I would have to help defend Orchid. Gabriel replied. Shut up, you have to give her back every ounce of her powers. Orchid replied. No I took them away from her because of her wrath is what nearly killed people. Gabriel replied. Gabriel, I know you feel like the sense of duty of protecting your daughter from all sense danger. Megumi replied. Yes, I don't want her to end up like me. Gabriel replied. Well other than a guilt trip, did you use the ancient treasures of the Shadow Dragon King? Megumi asked. Yeah, the sword of infinity. That is one of my main swords. Gabriel replied. Can we see it? Natsumi asked. Why do you want to see it? Gabriel asked. I heard stories about them but never seen it in person. Natsumi replied. I will summon the one I used before I came here. Gabriel replied. Gabriel summoned his sword. It doesn't look anything special. Natsumi replied. Well because I never activated. Gabriel replied. It can take me where ever I desire. To help people such as Orchid, when they Ahn Min-Ji and friends jumped Orchid. I sent them where they came from. Gabriel replied. Wait your sword can do that much? I asked. Yes. Gabriel replied. Well your father Mashiro has an amazing sword as well. Gabriel replied. Well you are one of the top ten. Megumi replied. The door was opening and a woman appeared and spoke. You guys are being bestowed those weapons for a representation of that element or race. Aya replied. Wait is that you Aya? Gabriel asked. Who else would I be? Aya asked. I see Takumi and friends children are going to fulfill their duty as their parents did. Aya replied. I am really sorry my niece attacked you, Orchid. Aya replied. You know all you do is apologize even when you were a retainer and even today. Orchid replied. Wait you were a retainer? I asked. Yup but I chose to up and leave and I joined The top ten right along with your father and yours a well Sakura. Aya replied. Same for you, Yoshino. Aya replied. Your older brother is one of the top ten too. Aya replied. Well, lets get on topic. You have the seven abilities and I will tell you which one you are.
Stay Tuned.  

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