Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


22. Book Two: Chapter 4: It has begun

 Last time, Ichiko and I were on our way to Megumi's Dojo. Orchid disappeared and found Aoi and asked him what the retainers names.
Alright, we are in a remote location now tell me what their names are? Orchid asked. The girl with the attitude name is Ahn Min-Ji. The wannabe Casanova, Zhu Bao. Haru and I have encountered him already. Orchid replied. As Ichiko and I were walking up, Liliya appeared before Yoshi. So you must be Yoshino Mori? Liliya asked. So you must be a retainer? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am my name is Liliya Suzuki it's a pleasure to meet you. Liliya replied. Wow, I never thought I would meet the"Kaze no Megami". Salem replied. Where the hell did you come from? Ichiko asked. You shouldn't let your guard down. Salem replied. Hey, leave her alone you damn battle fanatic. Min-Ji replied. The one you saw was Liliya Suzuki. Aoi replied. I feel the presence of that battle fanatic, Salem Kobayashi. Emma replied. He creeps me out more than ever. Emma replied. The other one is Astrid Kimura. She dresses in Sweet Lolita. Emma replied. Their leader is Ahn Min-Ji, I feel she is going to go after the girl, Natsumi. Aoi replied. Aoi you know you can get in trouble for telling this information out to the enemy. Emma replied. I really have no loyalty towards the witch you call a mother, Emma. Aoi replied. After all, I am out to get revenge towards her for taking me away from my real parents. Aoi replied. So what are your flowers meaning behind the name? Orchid asked. I share no loyalty to no one but to myself. Aoi replied. Stop rebelling, you know what will happen. Emma replied. Emma, maybe you might be a lapdog but I refuse to give into that woman. Aoi replied. You are crazy, one of those retainers might attack us. Emma replied. The only advice I can give right now is to get your revenge toward her.Orchid replied. Never thought I would hear my enemy encouraging me. Aoi replied. I am negative emotions, I don't encourage the good in people. Orchid replied. I wonder if you will have that optimism when you fight Haru? Orchid asked. Hey Aoi how will you face her? Emma asked.I will have to defeat her with all I have. Aoi replied. As Aoi and Emma were talking, Orchid sensed someone about to attack Haru and the others.What the hell are they trying to pull? Orchid thought. As soon as Orchid looked over Min-Ji stared at Orchid. Min-Ji sprinted to attack Orchid. I won't let you live! Min-Ji yelled. Orchid sprinted and attacked her with an unfamiliar sword. What the hell are you doing? I asked. Haru get everyone to safety! This girl and friends are using the ancient arts from the forbidden library! Orchid replied. What? I asked.
Stay Tuned.  

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