Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


21. Book Two: Chapter 3: Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part Two

Last time, Haru was still thinking about the retainers name Bao Zhou and Min-Ji. Also forgetting that she had a test the next morning.
After the testing, Aoi fell asleep on his answer sheet. Hey Aoi get up or you won't get any credit for the test. I replied. Aoi put his head up and walked to the teacher and gave her the test. Hey do you need me to help you to your next class. I replied. As I reached out my hand to help him out the class, Emma appeared. Haru, how about I walk him to class. As Emma walked Aoi to his next class, Ichiko walked up to me and wanted to ask me a question. Hey can I ask you a question? Ichiko asked. Yeah ask away. I replied. Let's talk during our free period. I chiko replied. That is a plan. I replied. As Ichiko and I walked to class, Aoi was looking out into the distance. Hey Aoi are you ok? Emma asked. Yeah I thought I felt that damn sociopath was near. Aoi replied. That guy? Emma asked. As their free period appeared, it was lunch today. As they settled down to eat lunch, Ichiko and I felt a ominious presents. Hey do you feel that? Ichiko asked. Yes but it is not directed at us. I replied. Well back to your question, what did you want to ask me? I asked. Do you know why Aoi just ignored you like that? Ichiko asked. I have no clue but I feel a certain ninja assassin knows. I replied. Orchid appeared out of a shadow. What do you want to know? Orchid asked. Well tell me what you talked about with him Aoi? I asked. Well let's say he has a connection to the retainers. Orchid replied. I figured as much he has been acting more conspicuous lately, hasn't he? Ichiko asked. I mean he has but he can't be the guy after me. I replied. He is and you need to face it. Ichiko replied. Well I should warn the girls about everything. I replied. You are right, they should be informed about who is after all of us. Ichiko replied. You mean to tell me that you were involved in this too? I asked. Yeah soon as I saw that guy I was involved in this mess. I will not give up with out a fight. Ichiko replied. I am curious to who they will put up against all of us. I asked. Soon after school, Ichiko and I were on our way to Megumi's Dojo and we saw a retainer but this time they were walking up to the Megumi's Dojo. As they walked, Aoi and Emma ran into Orchid. Let me guess you know those people? Orchid asked. What are you? Emma replied. I am the manifestation of Haru's powers and negative emotions. Orchid replied. Now tell me the names of the retainers of the Ono household. Orchid asked. Why are you asking me? Aoi asked. Tell me or I tell Haru who you really are. Orchid replied.
Alright I will tell you but in a more remote place. Aoi replied.
What are their names?
Stay Tuned.  

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