Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


20. Book Two: Chapter 2:Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part One

Last time, Haru and Orchid have encountered Bao Zhou and Min-Ji on the way home.
Well how about we act like nothing happened. I replied. You know you can't erase what that asshole pulled. So that was a retainers. It seems like that is his son. Orchid replied. Orchid do you know some of the retainers? I asked. Well your father fought that girl, Min-Ji father. Orchid replied. Gabriel rushed downstairs doubting over me. Dad, I am fine. I replied. I want you to be cautious of those two. Gabriel replied. Dad, I am a Higashiyama and I will never back down without a fight. I replied. Even though that might be true, I care about your safety. Gabriel replied. As my dad said that, I thought they must be dangerous if he is warning me. I replied. After that I went to sleep. The next day, I ran into Aoi. Hey Aoi, are you ok? I asked. Yeah I am fine. I just studied for that test today. Aoi replied. Wait did you say test? I asked. You forgot about the test didn't you? Aoi asked.Yeah I really forgot. I replied. I think I can pass the test. I replied. Are you alright to get to class? I asked. Aoi didn't I tell you to not stay up studying. Emma replied. Haru you should get to class. Emma replied. Can you help him to class? I asked. I am stronger than I look. Emma replied. Then go for it. Haru replied. Orchid follow them but keep your distant. I replied. Yes my lady. Orchid replied. As Ichiko and I walked to class, Ichiko called my name. Haru, I know you are worried about him and if he is lying to you but I feel like he knows something. Ichiko replied. I want to believe that but I have to play it safe. I replied. As soon as Aoi and Emma were walking to class, they felt Orchid's presents. Why are you stalking him? Emma asked. Maybe if he wouldn't lie to my lady-and-mistress to her face I might not be doing this. Orchid replied. So you are lapdog just like I am. Aoi replied. You know from the way you are talking, I could expect you want to take some kind of action. Let me thing maybe exacting your revenge towards someone. Orchid replied. Aoi glared at Orchid. Well go on the class. Orchid replied. You know Haru cares about you. You know it would hurt her to find out her best friend is the guy behind the mask you wear. Orchid replied. As Orchid faded away, Aoi thought about what Orchid said. Let's get ready for that test. Aoi replied. What are you talking about my test is next week. Emma replied. Is that girl like a shadow or something? Emma replied. After school, I will explain what she is. Aoi replied. As soon as Aoi reached the classroom he walked in and was received his test sheet. Soon as he sat down, the test began.
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