Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


29. Book Two: Chapter 11: Entering, Astrid Kimura the Aries of Acedia

Last time, Yumi was coming onto Aoi's act and appearance. She also tells everyone about the last retainer, Astrid the Aries of Acedia.
Well, we have to be careful. I replied. You are right about that. Ichiko replied. So If my calculations are correct she will attack you later after school. Yumi replied. What are you a tactician or something? Natsumi asked. Well, I learned a little strategy from my processor. Yumi replied. Wait you mean Mana? I asked. Yeah, she was the one who predicted my coming here. Yumi replied. Well, we should be ready for them. Yumi replied.
The next day after school, Ichiko was being watched by Astrid and Liliya.
So Yumi was right. Ichiko replied. I take it that you must Astrid? Ichiko asked. Yes, my name is Astrid Kimura. I am the Aries of Acedia. Astrid replied. When Ichiko saw her she had short white hair white as snow. She wore a cool grey tank top with denim shorts with stockings with her suspenders exposed. She dawned a white scarf that was the same color as her hair. She skin was fair as well. For some reason wore a necklace with a weird feather looking feather. Since you know my alias, I might as well not go into full detail. So annoying. Astrid replied. You aren't very optimistic, are you? Ichiko asked. I just don't care, I am the sin of Acedia. I am lazy and carefree, honey. Astrid replied. What is she trying to do to me? Ichiko thought. Other than my friends, I really don't care about war. I'd rather be sleeping or reading a book somewhere. Astrid replied. For once I agree with the enemy. Ichiko replied. Well, I was ordered to eradicate the Kaze no Megami. Astrid replied. Astrid rushed towards Ichiko. She snatched off her feathered necklace. It turned in a kodachi. Ichiko summoned her uchigatana they sprinted towards. Astrid and Ichiko's swords touched and a gust of wind blew up a few buildings. After that people were rushing over to see where the destruction and the sound were coming from. Yumi ran over to me to talk. Did you sense her power to? Yumi asked. She is engaged in battle. I replied. It's been forever since she engaged in battle. Yumi replied As I was walking home I felt a strong presence. I picked up Ichiko's power emanating. I rushed to Ichiko's location. As soon as we arrived, Astrid clothes and body was covered with wounds. Astrid, we need to withdraw. Liliya replied. Like hell, I would let her get the best of me. Astrid replied. Ichiko's eyes changed colors. Where do you think you are going? Ichiko replied. As soon as she said that. A man in a black cloak appeared. You need to calm down before you nearly kill everyone in the vicinity. Sayuri replied. Shut up, I am not finished with you Ichiko. Astrid replied. It is you, Sayuri! I yelled. I summoned a sword. Sayuri summoned his sword. Haru put your sword away and calm down. Orchid replied. Don't get angry, that is what he wants. Yumi replied. As they walked off, I was curious to why he appeared? I thought.     

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