Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


17. Book One Chapter 17: Haru's Secret: Part 2

 Last time, Haru was ready to tell Natsumi and Yoshi about herself.
Hey Haru, you can't tell them so much now. Megumi replied. Oh I know I can't tell them but so much. Haru replied. You don't have to worry about that guy for awhile. Ichiko replied. Why would you say that? Yoshi asked. Well, that guy was just testing Haru's abilities. Ichiko replied. You know if she was here you know how that would end. Ichiko replied. Don't even bring her up right now. Haru replied. Alright, I will not bring it up again. Ichiko replied. You are talking about that white-haired death machine. Megumi asked. We are talking about that person. Haru replied. Who are you guys talking about? Natsumi asked. You will meet her. Megumi replied. I have questions for Haru and Megumi. Natsumi replied. What are you talking about? What do you want to know? Megumi asked. Who is that woman? Who was that kid who fought Haru? Natsumi asked. Since you want to know. Megumi replied. You see that woman's name is Raye and she was his guardian and a woman from my past that made my life a living hell. Megumi replied. Now you Haru, explain yourself. Natsumi replied. I use elemental magic as a substitute for my real powers. Haru replied. So you are the Shadow Dragon who doesn't use her powers because she can't control her powers? Yoshi asked. You are spot on as usual. Haru replied. Does that answer your question? Haru asked. You have answered my question. Natsumi replied. You know that I am s happy that I got that off my chest. Haru replied. You know of all my years I have known you, you never revealed that to anyone but me and the White-haired demon. Ichiko replied. Don't insult her. Haru replied. I really caused less destruction than I usually do. Haru replied. Wait what you did is just less? Yoshi asked. Yoshi was surprised. Oh, this nothing compared to *Lirio Mountain Valley. Ichiko replied. What happened. Well fight a demon in the demon she finished her ob but caused a crater in the valley in the process. Ichiko replied. After all the Higashiyama's are famous for destruction and wrecking havoc wherever they go. Megumi replied. Don't talk down about my family. Haru replied. As Haru was talking Sayuri was watching from the distance. All he could think about was how she attacked him and she didn't feel her attack. What is on your mind? Raye asked. It is nothing. Aoi replied.
Stay Tuned.
Lirio means lily in Spanish.  

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