Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


16. Book One: Chapter 16: Haru's Secret: Part 1

Last time, Haru and Sayuri were fighting outside of Megumi's Dojo. It ended up being a draw. Then a woman spoke to Megumi.

Wait how did she know I was holding back? I thought. Wait Haru what is she talking about? Natsumi asked. Well I have been holding back, but I have my reasons. I replied. Haru you should tell them. Ichiko replied. No if they knew who she was, they wouldn't want to talk to her ever again. Megumi replied. Meanwhile at Izanami's House. What the hell did you mean by She could have killed me? Sayuri asked. Well Haru Higashiyama is the daughter of the child that was supposed to bring destruction to the human race. Ryoko replied. Wait she is his daughter? Sayuri replied. Yes he has been suppressing her abilities by splitting herself in half. Ryoko replied. Also with her Shadow Dragon Powers are suppressed for the good of all people. Izanami replied. She looks innocent right but I bet she is catching on to you. Bara replied. Yeah she has Aoi, you have to be careful. Emma replied. She is like a viper who will kill her victim without taking her time. Emma replied. Yeah I would have told you that. I went to Junior High with that girl. Raye replied. Aoi you are lucky, you have not witnessed her true wrath. Raye replied. Hey what are you going on about Raye? Wyatt asked. Aoi has angered the Black Keres. Raye replied. What the hell, that girl strength is unreal with her partners Ichiko and Yumi. Those three combined are terrifying as hell. I saw Haru hurt a guy thought he could bully her since she is quiet. She grabbed him by his skull and when she did it her eyes change from blue to emerald green. She was smiling and laughing as if she enjoyed hurting him. Raye replied. By the way how do you know Megumi? Aoi asked. Let's say that she I don't see eye to eye. Ryoko replied. At Megumi's Dojo. Hey how do you know who that lady was? Natsumi asked. Well I might as well tell you a little before we go and fight Izanami's Elite. I replied. What are you trying to tell us? Yoshi asked. I am not who you really think I am. I replied.

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