Meet Me In the Hallway

We had made love earlier that day with no strings attached, but I could tell that something had changed - how you looked at me then.


A story in which a college student and an ex-performer are brought together at a downtown bar by a twist of fate.

*characters are not affiliated with real people, just their physical appearances and anything stated*

[WARNING: Strong language, Drug abuse, Sexual content]

copyright © justins_only_babe 2017



8. eight

= Layne =


As soon as I walk into my apartment, I throw my backpack on my couch and go to the kitchen for a snack. I had a long night at work yesterday, an early morning today, and I'm starving. I go to the corner cabinet, pull out a peanut butter nut bar and munch on that while I find something to make for lunch.


When I start to make myself a sandwich, I get a text from Seth;


Hey! What are you up to this fine evening?


I chuckle at the message and send him a quick reply;


absolutely nothing


The toast pops out of the toaster just as a little bubble on my phone screen comes up with three dots. As he's typing, I start creating my sandwich. By the time I'm done making a quick meal, Seth's message has been waiting for three minutes;


Well I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out later. I have classes until seven, but after that I'm free. I have something cool to show you. You in?


I take a bite of my sandwich then tell him;


Yes, I am in.




I'm downstairs.


I lock my phone and head out the front door. Once I'm outside, I see Seth leaning against the wall next to the bar. He sees me and shoots me a bright smile.


"Hey," I say.


"Hello," Seth sings.


I bury my hands in my jacket pockets and raise an eyebrow at him, "what's the plan?"


"Well," he links his arm through mine, shoving his hand in his pocket as well. "First, we have to do some walking."


Seth leads me down the streets of Chicago, occasionally turning corners, or stopping behind crowds. Every so often, he'll tell me about how he has always wanted to live in the city and how he's so happy to be here. He'll tell me about certain memories he's gained since moving here, he remembers them all like they happened yesterday.


"My roommate and I decided it would be fun to hide around the Bean and scare people, but we forgot that parks closed at dusk. So we waited all night for people to show up but, of course, no one did. It was around four a.m. before either of us realized that the park was closed and that we were breaking the law." He tells the story with a light in his eye, like whatever he's seeing is actually here. It's almost as if he transported himself back into the memory.


"I can't believe it took you four hours to realize that the park was closed. Why did you think that was a good idea in the first place?" I laugh.


He shrugs his shoulders, lifting my arm with them. "I have no idea! We might have gotten a little tipsy before we left," he mumbles, "but even if we hadn't drank anything, we probably would have still done it."


I roll my eyes and take in the area around me. The city lights have fallen behind us and there are train tracks laid ahead of us. The city glow takes the stars out of the sky, making everything above a sea of black.


"So," Seth begins, "I'm sure you're wondering why I've taken you out of the city and into an unpopulated area with nothing but train tracks." He breaks our link and begins reaching into his pockets.


I stop behind him and look around. I didn't realize no one else was around until he pointed it out. "Now that you mention it, yeah, I am curious. You aren't going to kill me, are you?"


A hearty laughs comes from his chest and he looks at me over his shoulder. "No, absolutely not."


He stops rummaging through his pockets and pulls out a penny. I furrow my brows and eye him suspiciously. "A penny?"


"Yes, a penny." Seth turns away from me and starts heading for the train tracks. He kneels down and places the penny on one of the rails. He returns to his full height, spins around, and smiles at me.


"What the hell are you doing?" I question.


He takes my hand and leads me further away from the tracks. Seth sits down on a large rock and I follow him. He lets go of my hand, folding both of his together.


"When I would visit my aunt, my uncle would always take me out here and tell me to wait." He gives me a side glance and smirks, "I am not that mean." I chuckle lightly in response, and he continues. "When the train comes, it will be moving so fast that the force will flatten the penny. My uncle knew the train schedule like the back of his hand. Since I came out here so much, I picked up on it, too. Whenever I'm bored I'll come out here and wait for the train to deface U.S. currency."


Seth's final comment makes me laugh. "How many pennies have you ruined?"


"In my lifetime? At least a hundred." He says easily.


"Damn, you must really be wanting some time in prison."


He shrugs his shoulders like its no big deal. "Yeah, ya know, I like living life on the edge. I do it for the thrill."


"A riveting lifestyle." I sarcastically join him.


He laughs lightly at my lack of enthusiasm. The city light behind us shines softly against one side of his face. I smile softly at him and his wide grin begins to match mine. In this moment, I realize Seth is an attractive guy. He isn't someone I could see myself being in a relationship with, but he is definitely someone I would have a crush on if I hadn't met him at work. If we met up in a bookstore in some artistic part of town in Portland, Oregon, I would consider getting dinner with him. But, since I think he hasn't read a book since his senior year of high school, and his personality is too upbeat to be around, I'm going to have to pass on the romantic train.


Just as Seth is about to say something, his eye catches a light appearing in the distance. I turn my head in the direction of his eyes and see the train approaching.


"This is the best part!" Seth exclaims.


My heart begins to race. I've never been this close to occupied train tracks before, much less ones with an actual train on them.


The light grows brighter as the train quickly comes racing toward us. It's so loud against the tracks I have to cover my ears. I bury my face into Seth's chest as the train flies by. I feel him laugh and put his arm around me. The wind causes my hair to fly all over the place and my jacket to open slightly. Unexpectedly, the caboose of the train is in sight and Seth is running toward the tracks. He bends down and rises again, skipping back to me.


My heart rate begins to slow. That's the closest I've been to a train - ever. The fact that Seth is completely calm is freaking me out. I know he used to come out here all the time with his uncle but, what the hell?


"You ready?" Seth asks with a huge smile.


"Yes," his energy is contagious and I smile, too.


He holds out a flat, bronze disk between his thumb and first finger. I furrow my brow and he pushes it closer to my face. "It's the penny."


"I know that," I reply and reach for the penny. "It just looks so weird. Where did his face go?"


"It's all in there, it's just extended and flattened. Pretty cool, right?"


I shrug. "I mean, yeah. It's just weird how you find so much joy in this."


"I think it's because I used to do this as a kid. It reminds me of being happy, so it makes me happy. Sometimes, I'd look at the year the penny was made, and then write it on one side after I flattened it."


"Did you look at that one?"


"1966." He says proudly.


I laugh, "do you have a marker?"


"No, but I'll remember. Do you want it?"


"Oh, no, you can keep it. You're the one who put it on the tracks." No matter how cool I think this is, I don't want to take it from him. This is his thing, not mine.


"Layne, I have a jar full of these. Take it," he insists.


I smile shyly and take the penny from him. I push it deep into my jeans' pocket. "Thank you."


"Sure thing. We should go, there won't be another train for a few hours and it's late."


I agree with him and walk back toward the dimly lit city.




Here's a fun chapter with Seth. Fun fact: he's based on a real guy my friend and I met one time. what an icon

alright kiddos

more is soon to come if i have the motivation - which i pray to god i will

thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoy

are there any loyal readers who read every time i update or anything ??? just curious

thanks again !!


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