1. mistake

Give me one more chance

You put me in a trance

Let our relationship advance

I made a mistake

My heart aches

I’m finally awake

You are my world

I’m sorry I was blind

Our fates are twined

We are bonded by love

You are my true love

Don’t let me go

I ask you this

Do you love me?

If the answer is yes

Then there is nothing to Address

Don’t play the victim

Now none of us are clean

We both made mistakes in this relationship

Sorry I don’t want to flip it on you

You gave me no choice

I just want to have a voice

I will rejoice if you stay

You keep my insecurities at bay

You are the light that brightens up my day

Now await for the verdict

That dictates our fate

Now I can’t breathe

It feels like I’m on death row

Waiting for my execution

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