Revenge of the Scarecrow A novel

The cornfield in Lawrence, Kansas, is haunted by a scarecrow. When Bobby Richards and his family arrive there in the summer of 1977, they see a scary looking scarecrow who moves around at night time with its scythe in its right hand.


3. Lawrence, Kansas-June 13, 1977


Mark Nathan stared at the cornfields. He wore a red rain slicker. He wasn't bothered by the torrential rain. He was prepared for the inevitable. The horror of the marauding scarecrows was something that was like hell itself; the horror wasn't fleeting. He saw Amos Harding, Jr., his best friend, who was driving a tractor in the mud. "Hello, Amos. How're you doing?", he asked him. "Fine. I'm finishing up soon. The weather's terrible", he answered him. "I know that; you ​know that. Besides, Joan is cooking porterhouse steak, and vegetables. And a nice onion sauce to go on it, too. Look, nothing bad is going to happen to us; nothing". Mark nodded. He was hungry, too. "I'll see you tomorrow, Amos. I have to see Carol. She is expecting me by six o'clock PM. Good bye!". Amos nodded. He finished up. He then saw Joan was opening the front door. He walked towards her. "Carol. I was talking to Amos". Carol smiled at him. "I was worried, darling. Besides, it's going to be a freezing night. And Celia is doing her homework in her bedroom before dinner's ready". She kissed him. Then he locked the front door. Celia stopped writing her essay. She opened the door, and walked down the hallway. She headed down the steps, and smiled. "Daddy, I was worried about you", she said. "There isn't anything to be worried about, Celia. Besides, I was concerned about the you". Celia, who was fourteen, was wearing her favourite red pyjamas. Her long, black hair flowed down her back; her bright, blue eyes focused on her forty year old father; her red slippers were warm on her small feet. She headed to the medium-sized Dining Room. As she sat down on her seat, she heard the loud sound of thunder that was booming in the black sky. Then, seconds later, the city of Kansas was drowning in deep water that flooded overnight.


Joan shook her head. 

"I was...". Amos said.

"The house is blacked out. There's no power". Amos sighed. "We'd had better wait until the power's back on". He looked around in the darkness. Suddenly he saw two scarecrows holding sharp scythes in their hands. When they moved towards them, they screamed in horror.

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