Revenge of the Scarecrow A novel

The cornfield in Lawrence, Kansas, is haunted by a scarecrow. When Bobby Richards and his family arrive there in the summer of 1977, they see a scary looking scarecrow who moves around at night time with its scythe in its right hand.


4. Lawrence, Kansas, June 12, 1977-2


Bobby shook his head. 

"I'll get some candles". He struggled to search for them down the hall; he bumped into the small white coloured table. "Ouch!", he sighed. Then he was about to grab some candles in the bedroom when the lights came back on. ​Thank God​!, he thought to himself. Donna, Brenda, and Rich, smiled. Brenda walked towards him. "Daddy, the scarecrows could come back", she said. He nodded. "Let's have dinner before it's too late". By seven o'clock PM, they finished eating and drinking. Then they cleaned up the dishes, and enjoyed watching television until Brenda and Rich headed to the bathroom to brush their teeth, and go to bed in their pyjamas.

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