peepstasy? ecstasy + lil peep = my favourite combination.

you will see a lot of rendition, it is made that way. every single word, is written in a moment of weakness, or at a time i have felt vulnerable and having nobody to talk to


14. treatment

I have become so dumb
It followed my feelings going numb,

Had I just felt loved for the last months
Maybe my intelligence wasn't gone,

I got so huge ambitions 
That I barely got more vision,

I am so afraid I'll stumple and fall
So much, that I cant even make a call,

I dont want the drugs to take over
I just want to stay sober,

Why have I always been treated like shit
People carved my heart out with a brace and a bit,

My friend made me deny who I am
Emo to the core of a life span,

Why do I let myself cry
So that others can smile?

Why cant nobody accept who I am?
They dont even know about my plans,

You judge me like I'm a fool
You're using me as if I were a tool,

You have no respect
Cause to you, I am 'less'.

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