peepstasy? ecstasy + lil peep = my favourite combination.

you will see a lot of rendition, it is made that way. every single word, is written in a moment of weakness, or at a time i have felt vulnerable and having nobody to talk to


21. late nights

Pain fill a person with words
Its easy if you've been hurt,

I been treated like shit
Now I only bitch,

I can feel all the hate
All I want is a break,

I really don’t want to fight
But I am being fueled 'nd losing sight,

It all used to be so much better
Then I found drugs and numbed the pressure,

Believe me when I say
'I am not addicted to this day in any way",

Fake happiness and fake love
All I need is a good enough reason to stop,

It is 02:38
Always like this every day.

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