peepstasy? ecstasy + lil peep = my favourite combination.

you will see a lot of rendition, it is made that way. every single word, is written in a moment of weakness, or at a time i have felt vulnerable and having nobody to talk to


13. honesty

A batch of 19, almost OD' on 6
Now I'm broke so kick in the brick,

Figured I got 2 stamps
So lets turn on the colorful lamps,

Picked up 15 grams of hash
Been waiting all fucking week to get bash',

Slowing down the music with my mind
The nystagmus hit my eyes,

Fuck I want to roll on MDMA
But I'm in school all day,

Mamma would be in grief
If she knew her son a thief,

I don't steal what you think
Time is mine, its gone when you blink.

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