peepstasy? ecstasy + lil peep = my favourite combination.

you will see a lot of rendition, it is made that way. every single word, is written in a moment of weakness, or at a time i have felt vulnerable and having nobody to talk to


31. hardly secure

Light is shining so bright but I feel these scars
I cant pick up the pieces from my shallow heart,

Thought I was getting better but I lied to myself
So many problems I feel the satanic health,

Dropped some MDMA to feel the high
I feel no lust so I can no longer smile,

No one really understand they see through
Please help me I dont want to lose,

I miss love please let me feel it
So numb I feel like shit,

Daddy why did you leave us
So insecure can I give you trust?

I feel all I feel vibrations
My brain is under constant maintance,

Mom please forgive me for my lies
I'm so sorry I made you cry,

There is no space for little I
And I keep asking why.

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