peepstasy? ecstasy + lil peep = my favourite combination.

you will see a lot of rendition, it is made that way. every single word, is written in a moment of weakness, or at a time i have felt vulnerable and having nobody to talk to


28. ego death

Beautiful colors resting by my lens'
The LSD turned it so itense,

Took a turn for the worse can you guess what?
Showed me feelings I had some how forgot,

Daddy we don't rest you and I
Do you not think it's best to man up I think its time,

The gravity of letting go took me further
I couldn't before because I believed I hurt her,

Now I see so bright, make visuals grey
This experience was so beautiful even to this day,

All these signs of peace when I first said 'Shove it down my throat'
I realized how lonely I feel 'nd why its a though road,

The voice of a woman told me a story
Threw all these feelings at me of feeling sorry,

Lucy you showed me my addictions
Now I know exactly how to kick them.

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