Crazy Like Me

Anyone around town would describe Ayra West as crazy. She does what her heart desires, without giving a thought to the consequences. Says what she thinks, and talks to herself. Out loud. It’s safe to say that’s the reason she never had any friends.
But that’s about to change when one day, she bumps into Matt Walker. Or rather he bumps into her. With a car. It’s then she realizes there’s someone in the world as crazy as her.
As the two befriend each other, it’s no surprise that it’s an adventure of a lifetime. A story worth telling. After all, laughter is good for your health.


2. Two- A cow and a goat

“Should I message him? Or wait for him to message me first?” My sister, Jane, asks me for advice. Of all people, me.

“You know what I think? Just climb into his room from the window and wait for him to find you! It’ll be perfect. You don’t have to text him or wait for him to text you” I reply enthusiastically, sounding like a genius. I’ll have to try that sometime.

“I’m being serious” Jane grunts.

“Then you shouldn’t have asked me!” I say, a smile decorating my face.

“Why can’t you just be normal for once? Why, God, Why?”

The smile slips off my face at hearing her words.

“Why can’t you just accept me for once?” I say, trying not to show how hurt I am.

I run upstairs to my room and call the one person who could understand.

“I want to be a chicken” He says as a form of greeting.

“James, you are a cow. Definitely not a chicken. Besides chicken are gross”

“Aww. So you don’t think I’m gross?”

“Of course! If I thought you were gross, I’d call you a human. Ugh, those things.”

“What did they do?” He asks

“What did who do?”

“Well, someone obviously made you angry. Who was it?”

“Sister. Asked me for advice about boys. Ughh, boys are even worse than humans. Thank the cows you’re not a boy”

“Here I was, thinking boys were also humans” he says sarcastically

“Well, thankfully, I’m here to correct you.”

“Anyways. I was thinking-“

I interrupt him, “you can think?!”

“Very rarely. So, I was thinking maybe we could throw water balloons on strangers. You wanna-“

“Do you even have to ask?” I snort

“Don’t interrupt me, lady!”

“Lady? Lady? Do I look like a lady to you? I don’t belong to the monsters who call themselves humans. I belong to the goat species.”

“So a cow and a goat befriend each other? How does that work.”

“We annoy the monsters together! Now, about the balloons?”

“Right! Come to my house and we shall construct a devious plan together.”

“Oh, the humans won’t even see us coming” I say, an idea beginning to form in my head.


“Take that!” I shout, throwing a water balloon filled with ink water. Hehehe I really am evil.

“I’m gonna c-“ Her threat is interrupted as James throws another balloon at her.

“This is a masterpiece!” He yells over the shouts of people in the mall, all running away in a desperate attempt to save themselves.

The cops show up after an hour. But the damage is already done by then.

“Ever been to jail before?” James asks.

“Yes, this is the third time. Or is it the fourth?”

“Well, this is my first time! I can’t wait to tell my father about it.”

“Your father is cool with this?” I ask, surprised.

“No, he’s gonna be so angry. I like getting people mad.” He explains.

“Makes more sense. My mother is gonna flip when she hears about this” I say, excitement filling me.

James and I are gonna have so much fun together. It’s gonna be a life full of adventures with him.

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