Crazy Like Me

Anyone around town would describe Ayra West as crazy. She does what her heart desires, without giving a thought to the consequences. Says what she thinks, and talks to herself. Out loud. It’s safe to say that’s the reason she never had any friends.
But that’s about to change when one day, she bumps into Matt Walker. Or rather he bumps into her. With a car. It’s then she realizes there’s someone in the world as crazy as her.
As the two befriend each other, it’s no surprise that it’s an adventure of a lifetime. A story worth telling. After all, laughter is good for your health.


3. Three- Don’t look back

“Ayra Polly West! This is the last time you do anything crazy like this!” My mother screams when we reach home. I visibly cringe at my middle name. Why couldn’t it be something like Pizza. Even Math would be better. But no, they had to choose Polly.

“Mother dearest! I know how much you love me, but can you not declare my full name in such a high pitch”

“You are grounded! FOREVER. You can’t go out of the house unless an adult is with you. Your phone will be taken away and you won’t be allowed to watch the T.V”

“How could you?” I say sarcastically. As if I’m actually going to follow those rules. I scoff at the mere thought of rules. Ugh, what’s the point of those?

I skip all the way to my room, showing my happiness. I can sense my mother getting angrier at that and my father has to restrain her from lashing out.

“Guess who’s grounded forever! Yep, it’s me” A certain cow says over the phone.

“I can never understand these humans. Do they actually think we’ll stay at home. What will we do, study?!?” I scoff.

“Do you actually go to school?” He asks.

“I did once. Nightmare” I shudder at the mere thought.

“Cool. You wanna head out to Starbucks and tell the barista our names are pooptella and toothpaste?”

“How did I not think of that?”


“Are you saying it’s my fault that my parents named me pooptella? Did I have a choice? Why am I suffering for their choices?” James dramatically says, disturbing everyone in Starbucks.

“Pooptella, don’t listen to them. I know how it feels. We will get through it together” I reassure right before they kick us out and ban us from ever setting foot in Starbucks.

“Well that was quick. I thought it would at least last a few minutes.” I say.

“Being banned from Starbucks is a new accomplishment. I wished they gave us a medal for doing it so I could have something to remember it by.”

We walk in silence for a few minutes, which is weird because none of us can stay silent.

“Hey, let’s head to that playground” I say in an attempt to break the silence.

We settle in the grass and I find myself uncomfortable with the silence again but this time I decide not to break it. James will talk eventually.

“Is there something that made you the way you are? Or have you just always been like that?”he asks.

“Oh, I was born this way”

“I wasn’t. Something happened during my childhood.”

“What happened?” I ask, expecting him to crack a joke.

“My mom died and my dad was never home. I tried to grab his attention and being this way was the best way to do that. With time, I got used to it.”

His answer surprises me, but I still wait for him to say it was a joke. But instead, I find him looking into the distance, deep in thought.

“Wait, you’re actually serious?” I ask.

He simply nods.

A normal person would comfort him, telling him it was okay. But I wasn’t normal. I felt...betrayed. All this time I thought I had found someone like me but he isn’t like me at all. He’s just pretending.

So what I do instead is get up and walk away. And I don’t look back.

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