I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


3. Wrong Staying Calm Is Hard To Do

So the best way to stay calm and not think about what s happening is to sleep. I normally don't go to bed at 9:30 but hey whatever works with me works. I had hoped maybe I would fall asleep and then wake up and everything would be ok. But no the noises they persisted and soon enough I had to pee. "Stupid bladder, I am trying to stay safe in my room but you have other plans don't you?" I said because in the  spare moments you got to lighten the mood somehow and talking to my bladder seemed the best way. While I was in the bathroom I heard something brush the bathroom door. Now this not ok. I'm trapped what do I do? I put my ear close to the door and hear breathing then it hit the door I jumped back. Then the door started to shake, "The door is locked you idiot!" I yelled then another slam much harder came through then the footsteps walked away. Slowly I crack the door open a male had to be 6 foot was in my room he had baggy cut pants and a messy beard. He looked homeless. Then his eyes turned toward me and he ran but I shut and locked the door. His banging seemed to never stop and then he spoke, "Hey, you brat look at you got a nice home and food. But me I have none you see I need this place more than you. How bout you text daddy and tell him you found a rat and things are good here and you imagined the noises. Then I get to stay and you get to live and if not then you die. Whats it going to be JellyBean you can't hide in a bathroom forever sweet heart," I sat and thought well I do if I agree he could kill me either way but I can play pretend hmmm. My life is on the line time to play pretend. "Fine but how do I know you won't kill me if I agree?" I questioned. The he replied, "Please I'm homeless not a jerk." Well now you might not be a jerk but I am so let's play shall we? 

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