I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


4. Time To Play

I opened the door and he handed me my phone I showed him what I was typing and sent the message. Dad responded you sure and I said I was fine tho I really wasn't. "Good girl, now I take your phone so no calls or texts can be made. I may be homeless but I'm not stupid," he said. I replied swiftly "I never said you were. Now you must be starved how bout a sandwich?" He smiled at that so I headed to the kitchen and he followed how was I suppose to get the gun without him following me? So I made a sandwich then headed to the living room he followed. Yes!, my plan was working. "Let me make you cozy." I propped his feet up and placed a pillow behind his head. "I will be back to get you a drink I took the last one so I'l need to go in the basement to get one," I said and walked away before he could argue. We have a library in the basement and it is where we keep extra drinks and such so it wasn't a total lie. I go to the bookshelf and grab the purple book and open it up the gun was gone. "Looking for this," says a voice and I jump and there he is. He walks slowly toward me and starts talking, "You see I am a jerk and a liar. I'm not homeless I am filthy rich with all the money and stuff I rob from others. I could stop and live lavishly scott free. I prefer to keep the riches coming. I'm telling you this because you'll be dead so it doesn't matter what you hear. The dead can't talk. My name is Samuel I purposely traded clothes with a homeless man to look this way then killed him I don't leave witnesses of any sort. I sneak into peoples houses then when whomever finds me I make them think they get to live but at night I kill them and make it look like they committed suicide. Then I pack up and leave. You get to be the first I kill that wasn't in mid sleep" He is so close to my face that I spit and kick him in the place where all men at this point will be feeling it. He kneels bent over in pain and I run out to hear him yell," Its ok go hide. I'm great at hide and seek you'll lose but who cares you brat." Then it hits me hide and seek as a young girl the one place dad would never let me hide was in his and moms closet it had a bag full of guns and amo and most of all bullet proof vest. Bingo, I thought as I ran to his closet then put on the vest then I open the duffel bag and pull out a pistol and load it with amo. I can hear him coming up the stairs slowly. I take the risk and dart to my room. Out from my bed I pull out my Halloween supply which contained fake blood that came in this big bag and I grab duct tape from my desk. I put the blood on the vest and tape it around me so it'll stay. Now if I get shot I can play dead but if I get hit in the head its over. 

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