I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


1. The Start Of It All

Being an only child has some advantages while sometimes it doesn't. With what happened to me it did because all I had to worry about was my own life. But still worrying about your own life is scary not something you think of everyday. One major con of being an only child is you get left at home alone which in my case was a nightmare. So enough with this whole making you wonder what happened thing here it goes, the start. So my name is Elisha, I'm medium height with dark hair and an only child if you can't already tell. It was a normal kind of chilly day in October. Mom is a nurse and dad works as a police officer. So mom took the nightshift again for the third time this week. I was kinda missing her she didn't come home till 12 and slept almost all day. So it was dad and I this time on a kinda cold Friday night. We were at home watching TV then dads phone rang he had an emergency he had to attend to. Well great, I thought for once I thought I get a nice night with one of my parents but nope. So he left in uniform and all he said he try to hurry back he knew how I always hated being alone. The movie we were watching did not seem appealing anymore so I turned it off. Guessing it was a good time to work on my essay for English I headed upstairs to my room. Hours had passed and my brain was fried man 12th grade was killing me so was this teacher. So I headed downstairs for a break then I notice something the sink was on. How odd I thought how did I not hear it, must be because I had the music up all the way. I normally do turn my music on loud, I can not stand the silence in the house when I am alone. So I turned off the sink and grabbed a coke and headed upstairs. Speaking of my music I turned it off because for some reason at this moment I needed silence. Not only was my brain hurting but so was my head. I  lay on my bed thinking of god topics to write about then came the noise. 

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