I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


2. The Noise

The noise it sounded like shuffling in the attic. Our house was huge and I hated it, more reason to not want to be alone. But your house is your shelter nothing can harm you, I thought so it must be a mouse. So I ignored it and got up to take a shower my throbbing head subsided but my suspicion did not. While in the shower I heard a door close or was it a cabinet I couldn't be sure but there it was. I knew then it was a cabinet in the kitchen like all were being open and closed weird, I thought. So I hop out of the shower and throw on my clothes quickly ran a brush through my curly black hair. "Dad you home," I yelled no response. Odd so I go to my room and grab my phone: 

Hey dad y u home so early was it not that big of an emergency were u not needed

12 minutes later: 

No I'm not home why do you ask 

This hit me with terror so I replied:

I heard shuffling in the attic then i heard the kitchen cabinets open and close and before all this the sink was on when i came downstairs

Thankfully he responded back fast enough:

Ok well stay calm I'll be home a soon as I can to do sweep of the whole house and you remember where my gun is right? If anything happens go get my gun its in the bookshelf in the purple book the fake book remember that ok just stay calm

Ok Dad Love you 

Love you too jellybean 

I closed my flip phone and said to myself, "So this is it to stay calm how hard can that be right Elisha you got this." 

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