I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


5. The Finale

I went and hid between my TV and dresser. I can hear him and his taunting voice using the nickname my daddy gave. How dare he taunt me with something I love and here I am hiding from this monster. All I know is something bad can continue to happen if you let it and here are these innocent people mourning with hurt thinking the one they knew didn't love them and ended their life. Instead the real cause is this crazed man who has guts to make others question why the ones they loved killed themselves. This man causing destruction was about to get his own destruction. There he appeared at the bathroom door I jumped out and shot at him twice he went down on the second. Letting go of the gun he grabbed his now bloody arm. I went to kick the gun away instead he yanked my leg before I could kick and I was down. He reached for the gun and shot me twice in the chest. I tilted my head to the side and held my breath. He kicked my side and I did my best not to move he laughed and walked away. I was dead I had done it out fooled him. I hear him go into my parents room from there I dart to the basement in there I find my dads old scanner he had rigged it, in a way only he could understand, to be able to call in case of emergencies and that's exactly what I did. After calling 911 I looked through his tool box and found the crow bar since I lost my gun when I was pulled down. Great, I thought realizing that the idiot probably had two guns now. "Way to go Elisha," muttered. I sneak upstairs now I hear him in the guest bedroom. I slither behind him and with all my teenage girl force I hate him. I was right he had two guns but I quickly snatched one. He gets up and says, "Shoot and I'll shoot too you brat." "Sounds like a deal to me," I reply and with that we both shoot this time I aim for the head. We both hit the floor. 

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