I thought I Was Safe

A girl named Elisha thought she was safe in her own home apparently not. What could it be that made Elisha not feel safe?


6. The Cycle Broken

"Well last thing I thought I do is treat my own daughter. You alright honey?" Its my mom I can not here her voice but I read her lips and reply, "Yea I'm fine," I hope she doesn't think I'm yelling because I can't hear the pitch of my voice. She leaves and in comes dad and he is not happy. "You lied and aid you were ok. You could have died," he says while I read his lips and I respond, "I know but the guy said if I didn't he would kill me." 

"Look I love you but that guy was going to hurt you either way he has done this to 15 other people Elisha. Look I am upset you lied but I am proud you stop this from going on. Excuse me while I talk to your mother. I am very thankful you are here and your Mom and I both love you OK?"

"ok love you too and mom," I reply or maybe yell as he leaves. Turns out my shot was better than his. While the bullet brushed my ear the one I shot hit him in the forehead. He was dead before the police arrived. While I was found on the floor a piece of my ear lobe came off I was bleeding and in pain because the shots being so loud damaged my hearing all I heard was ringing. I never heard the police arrive until a man who works on my dads team picked me up and took me away. Now laying here in the hospital bed I am reading the lips of a nurse who says that because of the shots and there  loud noise level I may never hear out of my ear again. I cry but its ok at least I ended the cycle. 

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