Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


9. 9

Mike sat in his V8 Dodge Charger Special at the same spot, overlooking the same road he confronted “Black Jesus”, while his car radio played “Reminiscing” by Buddy Holly till his radio came alive and a woman spoke, “All units, all units, large biker gang heading down Highway 2 towards Middleton Place with hostile intent.  Use extreme caution.” Mike started his car and the V8 roared to life as Mike floored it and went down the hill as he saw a large cloud of dirt kicked up from the highway in the distance.  Mike pulled out the mic from his radio and spoke, “Bolt are you there?” Bolt replied, “Yeah!  I m heading straight up the highway!” Mike asked, “How many bikers?” Bolt answered, “From what I heard from Outpost Station 2, it is 17 bikers and one pickup!” Charlie came over the radio, “That is some biker gang!” 


    The biker gang proceeded down Highway 2, firing shots wildly in the air while others drove to the sides and either used axes or bats as they scared off the pedestrians from the highway as the biker gang hoot or hollered.  The signs along the roads and vehicles they passed were not so lucky as the biker gang either smashed apart or damaged the road signs while the vehicles the innocents drove on the highway either had their rear or side windows smashed in or the body of their vehicles were either dented, scratched or riddled with bullet holes.  Bolt’s motorcycle shot out from the dust and dirt, kicked up by the bikers, outside the highway with his police siren blaring and approached the biker gang from behind.  The biker looked back, saw Bolt and he began to slow down as he pulled out a full-auto pistol and fired at him.  Bolt ducked his head behind the bulletproof glass shield as the bullets hit all over the place and Bolt pulled up fast, arching his bike up and dropped it when he is right behind the biker.  He immediately pulled out his shotgun, as he pulled up to the right side of the biker, fired and hit the biker’s chest full of buckshot and sent some bloody chunks of his chest flying as the biker fell.  


    Charlie and another SAFP officer in a yellow Pursuit Special sat idle behind a large billboard when they heard the sounds of the motorcycle gang approaching.  Charlie pulled out and checked his shotgun before he slammed his fist on the dashboard and yelled, “GO!  GO!  GO!” And his partner floored it and the Pursuit Special sped out with the siren wailing as they hightailed down the highway.  Charlie looked back, with his shotgun in hand, as his partner asked, “See them yet?” Charlie yelled back, “No Vix!  Slow down a little!” After a few moments the bikers and the pickup appeared over a hill and Charlie yelled, “Got them!  Stay at this speed!” The bikers approached so fast they were suddenly a few yards behind Charlie and Vix in a matter of seconds and Charlie turned to Vix and yelled, “FLOOR IT NOW!  They re right behind us!” He then rolled to the back seat, shoving his butt at Vix’s face and Vix cringed and yelped, “Hey!  Watch it!” All of a sudden the rear window exploded into a shower of glass as one of the biker’s fired a sawed off shotgun and Vix and Charlie ducked and screamed, “JESUS!  FUCK!” Charlie pulled out his sawed off shotgun and fired, but none of the buckshot hit any of the bikers and one of them retaliated by firing a machine pistol and hit the back of the Pursuit Special, busting both the taillights.  


    In the back of the biker armada, a man in lacrosse type gear in the back of the pickup opened a crate of bottles with rags in them and pulled out one bottle at a time, lite the rag and began throwing them at Bolt as he swerved and ducted to avoid the molotov cocktails exploding around him.  Bolt yelled on the radio, “I got a guy here lighting molotov cocktails up my ass from the back of the pickup!  You better haul ass Mikey!”  


    Up front, a biker approached each end of the Pursuit Special, pulled out metal pipes and began smashing the side windows and damage the body of the Pursuit.  Charlie tried shooting out the sides but is pinned down by the machine pistol biker behind them.  Vix’s head is so low that it is almost parallel to the steering wheel as he pulled out his mic and yelled on the radio, “Mike we re under siege here!  WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”  


    Near the middle of the biker gang, two bikers pulled up alongside each other to reload when all of a sudden a black V8 Dodge Charger Special landed right on top (crushing both the bikers and their bikes) of them and hit the back wheel of another biker with his bumper and the biker was thrown off his bike and flew over the Dodge Charger before landing on his head, with a crunch, as his bike was shoved out of the way of the Charger.  Mike then pulled the lever and engaged the V8 as his car roared and drove ahead, passing one biker, but then a biker appeared and smashed the right side window with a baseball bat.  Mike pulled out his shotgun and fired, but missed as the biker pulled back.  A biker suddenly came up to Mike’s left, swung an axe, but Mike ducked at the last second and the blade hit and ripped apart his headrest as it smashed through the driver side window.  Mike immediately pulled out his shotgun and jammed it up the biker’s right armpit and in one explosion of blood and gunpowder, he blew the biker’s arm off and sent him screaming as he fell to his left and off his bike.  Mike then threw his arm and axe out but as he did so another biker to the right fired a long barreled shotgun and blew apart Mike’s radio and part of the windshield.  The biker immediately pulled back while up in front, a biker pulled up to the right of the Pursuit, threw a hook that locked on the passenger side door, swerved to the left and tore the door off as he screamed with pride.  Another biker pulled up and a woman jumped out from behind the biker and let out a cat like scream as she leapt into the opening on the passenger side and started fighting Charlie, but as soon as they struggled the same biker shot an arrow and hit Charlie in the back and screamed in pain.  Vix yelled on the radio, over the screaming woman, “We got a crazy girl here and Charlie’s been hit!  We need backup immediately!” The biker girl then shoved Charlie’s now limp body (as he spewed blood from his mouth) out the car and he fell on the road with a couple of biker s running over him as they passed.  The woman then leaned over Vix’s right shoulder and tried to snatch the wheel from him as Vix fought and tried to push her back while yelling profanity at the crazy woman.  The woman accidentally hits the wheel to the left as she tried to grab it and the Pursuit swerved/jack-knifed to the left hitting and crushing another biker before hitting the ditch at full speed and the car flipped and rolled, sending debris everywhere, till it stopped right side up.


    Mike saw the wrecked Pursuit as he passed by and a biker pulled up to the right and a woman slipped right in and then took a knife and stabbed Mike in the right shoulder and he screamed in both anger and pain.  She then fought for the wheel but Mike pulled out a Bowie Knife, slammed the woman’s face onto the wheel and repeatedly stabbed the back of her head in as Mike screamed in crazed anger.  He then kicked his door open as bikers to the right and behind him repeatedly hit his car with pipes and other blunt objects and ended up busting both his taillights as Mike dumped the woman s bloody body and ended up running over her with his left rear tire and closing the door, leaving Mike with his blood soaked steering wheel.  


    The man in the back of the pickup looked forward as he heard and saw the wreck of the Pursuit Special when Bolt pulled out a knife and threw it, hitting the man’s leg and accidentally dropped a lite bottle, sending the back of the pickup in flames.  As the back of the pickup lite up like a big torch, the man that was throwing molotov cocktails screamed and thralled in the roaring flames till he fell off the truck and Bolt ran over his burning corpse.  The driver of the pickup pulled out a sawed off shotgun and fired, blasting Mike’s rear windshield and Mike ducked as he grabbed the radio and yelled, “Bolt!  Get away from behind the truck!” Bolt replied, “RIGHT O JIMBO!” At that moment, another biker drove up and dropped a woman on the rear hood of Mike’s car and Mike heard her screeching and was about to climb inside till Mike pulled out his shotgun and, at point blank range, fired both barrels and the woman’s head exploded like a smashed watermelon before the rest of her corpse fell off the back and the pickup ran over it.  Mike immediately reloaded his shotgun as the biker’s continued to pound on his car when one of the biker’s swung a hatchet and tore the right passenger seat.  Mike quickly aimed, fired and hit the biker in the right arm and fell off when suddenly a biker appeared to the left of Mike and shot him behind the left shoulder.  Mike screamed and immediately yanked the wheel to the left, hitting the biker off his bike and running him down before Mike slammed on the brakes and the pickup truck (following close behind) smashed the rear of Mike’s Dodge Charger, flipped over Mike’s car and hit the pavement upside down and rolled to the left, off the highway.  The rest of the biker gang and Bolt had sped on past and Mike floored it, pulled the button and the V8 roared back to life.  Ignoring his bleeding left shoulder, Mike pulled out his hatchet and when he caught back up to the biker’s, he swung his hatched at the first biker he sped up behind and when the biker looked back, Mike screamed with rage as he swung his hatchet and chopped off a chunk of the biker’s face, sending a large pound of flesh and blood flying into the air.  The dead biker slumped over his bike and his bike and passenger cab drove off the road and came to a stop as it hit a boulder.  


    Mike swung his hatchet again, as he screamed in anger, and made a long, deep gash on the back of another biker and fell over.  One of the bikers then fired a machine pistol as Mike retreated back into his car and the bullets bounced off his door.  Mike continued speeding up and he hit another biker and ran him over, before he swerved to the right and left hitting other bikers but failed to knock them off their motorcycles.  Then one with a machine pistol sped up and continued shooting, hitting the left side of Mike’s car again and Mike ducted as some of the bullets rattled inside.  The biker ran out of ammo and began reloading when Mike pulled out an M9 from a built-in holster in his side door, fired and hit the biker in the chest and face and sent him flying/falling back off his bike.  Mike then saw a biker to his right screaming with rage and was about to swing an axe when Mike swerved, hit his bike off balance and fell hard onto the ground.  The lead biker looked back and saw one biker swerving in front of Mike, as Mike tried to run him over, before looking to the bikers left and right of him and circled his right hand over head and pointed his thumb back at Mike, signaling the bikers to fall back.  Mike watched as the bikers fell back and then all of a sudden the left biker pulled out a large hatchet and swung it as he hit the brakes and smashed the right side of the windshield, while at the same time the right biker pulled out his shotgun and blasted away the left side of the windshield and covered Mike with glass (even as he threw his left arm and hand up to cover his face).  The biker that was evading Mike in front pulled to the left side and tried to grab Mike’s steering wheel as both the biker and Mike struggled, till Mike grabbed hold of the biker and swerved his car hard to the right.  The biker tried to keep his balance and follow Mike’s direction (so he won t fall off his motorcycle) when Mike pulled out his knife and stabbed the biker twice in the arm, holding onto his car, and the biker screamed as the biker let go and his bike completely fell over, taking the biker with it, and the biker’s head and body were crushed beneath the left rear tire of Mike’s Charger.  


    Mike pulled out his hatchet and smashed the rest of the windshield away as the biker to the right caught back up with his shotgun drawn.  Suddenly there was a shotgun blast and parts of the biker’s chest and clothing blew away as he fell back and Bolt drove up to where the biker was.  Mike noticed Bolt as Bolt pointed to his radio, but Mike pointed to his to show it is completely wrecked.  Bolt nodded but suddenly he pointed at Mike’s direction, as if to warn him, and Mike turned and saw a biker was about to swing his axe at Mike’s head.  Mike instinctively swerved his car to the left, hit the biker and knocking his bike off balance before Mike grabbed his arm (holding the axe) and yanked his axe away as he swerved back to the right, forcing the biker to fall face first onto the pavement and be crushed by Mike’s rear tires.  Another biker, in front, pulled out a handgun and started shooting at Bolt, forcing him to duck behind the glass shield and squeezed his body close to his bike as bullets bounced all around him.  Mike floored it and the V8 roared over the biker’s scream as the biker looked back in shock and was hit and ran over.  Mike yelled out through this window at Bolt, “Are you okay?” Bolt gave him the ok sign and pointed to the lead bike of the biker gang.  Mike then sped up and turned on the police siren as he raced through the empty gap between him and the biker leader and in no time he is right behind him, with his half blood stained grill.  The biker looked back (with his helmet and goggles concealing his nervousness) as Mike looked right back at him with intensity and in one jolt forward movement, he hit the biker but slowed down and swerved to the right as the biker swerved to the left, fell and rolled off the road.  


    The tires of the black 1969 V8 Dodge Charger Special squealed and created a cloud of black/dark grey smoke as the car swung and faced off the left side of the road and came to a stop.  The Charger then drove off the road, towards the biker as he left his bike and ran towards the desert/rocky landscape and kept running (with a limp) even as Mike caught up to him in an easy steady drive before Mike pulled out his M9 and shot the biker s right leg, through in through, and the biker yelped in pain as he dropped and the Charger came to a full stop.  The biker then tried crawling away, but Mike walked up to him and put his left boot down on the biker’s injured leg and the biker screamed in pain and turned his head around to see Mike with his sawed off shotgun pointed at him.  


    Bolt pulled his bike up and was already out and stood alongside Mike when Mike spoke to the biker, “I’m taking you in sicko.  Or would you rather I blow your brains out right now?” The biker leader looked terrified, but strangely he began to laugh and Bolt (removing his helmet as the biker began to laugh) and Mike looked at each other with puzzled expressions before Mike looked back at the biker and demanded, “What’s so funny?” Bolt spoke as if answering Mike’s question, “Don’t bother Mikey.  He’s no doubt a terminal psychotic.” Mike looked hard at the biker (as if trying to read his thoughts) and realized he can’t hear anything else in the surrounding landscape (not even the wind, birds or other animals in the area).  Mike looked wide eyed and immediately turned to Bolt and yelled, “BOLT!” All of a sudden a biker in armor and spikes appeared over a pile of boulders behind Bolt with another person in the same body armor in tow (like a surfer) and the rider screamed as he swung his left hand holding a metal ball and struck Bolt in the back of the head, sending blood everywhere from the impact.  Bolt dropped face forward in the dirt as Mike fired at the biker and his partner, as they flew over him and landed back down, but missed as they disappeared in a cloud of dirt kicked up by the biker.  Suddenly the biker reappeared with a razor in his gloved hand as he screamed and raced straight at Mike, but Mike fired the second round of buckshot straight at the biker’s face causing both his head and helmet to explode.  The biker’s bike collapsed in a heap and his partner flew right past Mike (screaming) as he thralled in the air and watched as he flew straight into the side of one of the boulders and crushed his nose and shattered his helmet before dropping dead from the bone fragments driven from his nose into his brain.  


    Mike went to Bolt’s aid and checked his pulse as he called out, “Bolt!  Bolt can you hear me?  Bolt!” He felt Bolt’s pulse is weak but unresponsive even with his eyes open and staring straight at Mike.  From the looks of Bolt’s shattered skull, a large pool of blood surrounding his head and shoulders Mike knew that Bolt is brain dead and is long gone.  He then heard multiple engine noises roaring in his direction and (without realizing it) Mike grabbed Bolt’s biker helmet and goggles and ran (almost stumbling) to his car, leaving the wounded biker crawling away and still laughing.  When he was halfway a biker with a hatchet suddenly appeared over a small ridge, swung his hatchet as he was about to strike Mike and screaming with delight when Mike threw up his loaded shotgun and fired, knocking the biker off his motorcycle and heard wolf howling noises as he got in his vehicle.  He immediately started up the engine, floored it and roared down the desert like landscape.  As he raced at high speed a few motorcycles with rollers (people wearing body armor and surfing from the back of the motorcycles) hanging on and a monster truck version of a Ford F-150 chased after Mike and fired red and white flares in the sky.  One of the bikers, with a roller, came up to Mike’s left and threw a metal ball that missed Mike but dented his door and Mike swerved but the roller jumped, landed his feet on Mike’s door and jumped away.  A man in the cab of the monster truck loaded up a bazooka and fired a rocket and took Mike by surprise as it struck the back right corner of Mike’s car and caused almost a quarter of his black 1969 V8 Dodge Charger Special to explode.  Mike blacked out as the V8 Dodge Charger Special flipped over and over sending body and undercarriage parts of the car flying about till it came to rest upside down. 

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