Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


8. 8

Mike entered Smash’s office and saw Smash is not alone, as a fair skinned man in a suit stood in a perfect straight posture, and Smash said, “Officer Weller, this is Special Officer Worry from Mental Affairs.” Worry immediately stood before Mike and looked at Mike from head to toe (as if looking for something dangerous) and stated blatantly, but with an anxiety tone and quick, “Deputy District Governor Lewis notified Mental Affairs of your hostile behavior and your ruthless and unwarranted tactics in law enforcement and I am sent here to order you to come to the Mental Ward at once!” Smash’s face turned red with anger as Mike stood calmly while Smash asked, “Is this some kind of sick joke?” Worry snapped his head at Smash’s direction and looked at him, as if shocked, and replied aloud, “Sargent Smash, Mental Affairs does not conduct jokes and you better take this seriously!” He then looked back at Mike with a disgust look and continued, “And you call yourself a cop.  To Mental Affairs your record looks disgusting.  You are supposed to uphold the law, not run suspects down and bash their heads in with a metal bat.  As a matter of fact you rarely bring suspects in either for questioning or arrests.  With your records of beating criminals to a pulp and your methods of extermination it is no surprise that your former wife tried to kill...” Mike’s face tightened to a firm gaze as he tried to hold back his anger and his right glove squeaked as he clinched his right hand into a fist on his side and when Worry saw it, he looked wide eyed, pointed at Mike and yelped firmly, “SEE!  That kind of attitude to a superior is exactly why he must leave!” Smash raised his hand and tried to stand between Mike and Lewis as he spoke calmly, “Hey, calm down W...” Worry immediately flashed his badge in front of Smash’s face and interrupted, “You calm officer or I’ll have your job!” Smash glared at Worry (as Worry did the same) as he stood back and let Worry continue, “As I said this is proof of what the Deputy Governor said that Mike is unfit for duty as a Force Protection officer.” He extended his left hand to Mike’s sawed off shotgun, in his holster, and demanded, “Give me your badge and sidearm Mr. Weller or...” Mike cut him off, “No.” Worry’s left hand retreated as tor a moment Worry looked shocked but glared at Mike and spoke aloud, “You are way out of line Mr. Weller!” Mike stated calmly but firmly, “Then grab it, or are you too chicken shit.” Worry balled up both of his hands and suddenly whipped out his badge again, only for his badge to block both barrels of Mike s shotgun.  


    Worry is taken aback as Mike gave a chuckle and said, “Really?  In a standoff, you rather draw out your badge instead of your sidearm?” Worry’s face turned red with anger and declared, “Officer Weller, you are nearby relieved of duty for threatening the life of a government official!  You will hand me your badge now officer!” Mike pulled the trigger and there was a flash and a loud pop and sizzle sound.  Worry jumped back and Smash instinctively put his right hand on his shotgun till they both realized that the rounds in the shotgun were duds.  Worry looked at his badge and saw the gold emblem and engravings are charcoal black and parts of it were warped by the intense heat from the flash of the dud rounds.  Worry looked up at Mike, angrily, and yelled, “Mr. WE...” He blacked out instantly as Mike clubbed him across the head and crumpled to the floor with a trickle of blood running down from his scalp.  Smash looked shocked and yelled, “MIKE ARE YOU CRAZY!” Mike looked at Smash, shrugged his shoulders and replied calmly, “I gave him a chance to grab my gun.” Smash growled as he scowled at Mike and said, “Thank goodness those rounds were duds.” Mike spoke, “I didn’t know they were.” He put his shotgun back on its holster as Smash sighed and stated, “You know I can’t cover your ass for this.  They know where you live and they are going to come after you.” Mike answered, “Don’t worry about that.  I don’t have much there to stay around too long for them to grab me.” Smash smirked as Mike continued and nodded at the unconscious Worry, “Just follow what this coward says and I’ll take care of the rest.”  


    Outside of the northern district and far in the Deadlands, a muscular man (wearing human/animal bones as clothing and/or armor with his head and face encompassed by a large helmet made up of skull bones and fragments both human and animal, leaving only his blue eyes and hands as the only parts of his body exposed) sat on a large throne, made up of bones and skulls, overlooking the desert like landscape.  An African American male (covered with streaks of white paint) staggered up to the muscular man’s feet, kneeled before him and spoke, “Furosium, Black Jesus is dead.” Furosium looked down at the smaller man and asked calmly, “How, White?” White replied, “Sir, he stole a SAFP vehicle and was heading back when a Force Protection Officer, Mike Weller, extinguished him.” Furosium’s blue eyes flashed from a beam of sun light and White looked back down, as he shivered in fear, as Furosium spoke calmly, “You are telling me that one SAFP officer went up against us and killed Black Jesus?” White answered, “Yes, my lord.” Furosium stood up (barely touching the cave ceiling) and just outside a large group of white and black people (all with white or black strips criss crossing their bodies) gathered around and Furosium declared, “Then we will all go, find this Mike and teach him a lesson that no one dares go up against the Imperium.  For they will feel the wrath of Furosium!” Hundreds of the Imperium cheered as Furosium raised his hands and his followers began chanting/screaming his name.

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