Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


7. 7

Smash pulled up to the crash scene, with the RV, and smoked his cigar as he walked up to Charlie (who was waiting for him) and asked, “So what s it look like?” They both walked about the scene as Charlie reported, “There were three perps, one in the Super 8 and two bikers.  The Super 8 driver appears to be the leader and if anyone escapes him, the bikers go after them to finish the job.”  They saw the driver of the truck, slumped over the dashboard and hood with his face bloody and mumbling.  Smash looked at Charlie with a puzzled expression and asked, “Paramedics?” Charlie replied, “Busy with the couple from the RV.  They’ll get to him next when they are finished.” Smash looked about and asked, “Where’s Mike?”  


    Mike sat in his car and drank his canteen as he watched the girl’s mother being loaded up onto a gurney, with a blanket covering her from head to toe, and loaded onto a meat wagon as the little girl watched and one of the restaurant waitresses held her for comfort, even as the meat wagon drove away with the emergency lights off.  Smash appeared and hunched down as he looked at Mike and asked, “How you doing  Mikey?” Mike replied before taking a bite from a sandwich, “Why don’t you ask the kid?” Smash looked at Mike’s direction and saw the little girl being escorted inside the restaurant with a couple of waitresses and Smash replied gravely, “The kid’s grandparents are on their way.  This sucks, her whole world going to hell in a hand basket, all because of some street punks thinking they own the streets.” Mike spoke between a bite, “Dead Street punks.” Smash looked back at Mike, as if remembering something, and asked, “By the way, do you remember  that call awhile back?  The 13 call?” Mike replied, “You mean that Black Jesus character?” Smash confirmed, “Yeah, we got call from central that his friends are out to get you.” Mike stated (unmoved), “Wow, I’ll add it to I’m so scared collection.” Smash lightly punched Mike in the right shoulder and held back from calling out as he spoke, “Ha, ha, good boy.” He then slammed his right hand on the roof of Mike’s car and said, “See you at the station tomorrow.” Mike replied, “You got it.” When Smash walked away, Mike finished his sandwich and took one last drink from his canteen before starting up his car and drove away as the street is almost cleaned up.


    The V8 Dodge Charger Special drove into Kimberley (which looks more like a run down city of Detroit) and passed through a series of streets that is lined with damaged or wrecked vehicles and pedestrians that did not pay attention to Mike as he drove by and parked in a parking garage, parallel to the forty story apartment building attached to it.  Mike walked by the graffiti, damaged and filthy walls and doors of the apartment building till he reached the elevator and took it up to the 38th floor.  Mike exited the elevator and entered his apartment and the inside looked like it hadn’t been clean ever since Mike moved in.  He closed the door behind him and made his way to the back and entered the bedroom, where he dropped his gear belt and slumped his shotgun and holster on a chair.  When he came back out, he went to his tv, turned it on and pressed the play button on his cassette player that is attached to a pair of speakers behind his couch and played, “One of the Living” By Tina Turner.  He then opened two cans of hash and brought them out and sat on the couch and ate as he watched tv and not long after he finished eating, the radio on the short table before him came to life as a woman spoke, “Officer Weller report to District HQ, Officer Weller report to District HQ, acknowledge.” Mike sighed before picking up the radio, called in, turned off the tv and threw away the empty hash cans, got back in his car and drove back to the SAFP Northern District Precinct.

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