Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


5. 5

“You have grossly miss used your duties as an officer of the SAFP!” Mike is standing in an office of the same old textile mill with the walls in the office peeling of old paint and dirty windows that form a half circle that is overlooking the parking lot and a shanty town beyond.  Even though the office looked decrypted it had somewhat new furnishings of a large desk (with the name plate “Chief Sargent Smash” on top), couch and chairs and a cage that holds a parakeet watching him, the Chief Sargent and a Deputy District Governor Hardball Lewis that is yelling at Mike about his excessive law enforcement habits.  Lewis continued to yell at Mike’s calm demeanor, “I already notified the District Governor about this and I’ll hear his reply tomorrow!  So if I was you I better start packing, because I will have your badge this time tomorrow!” Mike still stood and looked as if he didn’t care what Lewis was saying and Lewis scowled and asked, “Do you have anything to say?” Mike nodded (as is waking up) and asked, “Oh I m sorry, did you say something?” Lewis’s face turned red with rage and took a step towards Mike and yelled, “YOU UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF SHIT!  I COULD HAVE YOU BANISHED...” Mike’s face instantly transformed into that of a crazed lunatic as he stepped right up to Lewis’s face and gave an enraged scream that forced Lewis to fall backwards and almost hit his head on Smash’s desk as he looked startled.  He immediately got up and brushed himself off before quickly stepping around Mike as he looked at Mike, as if he was a dangerous animal, and stammered, “Th...this isn’t over yet!” And he quickly exited the office.  All this time Smash’s large muscular form and short blond hair looked on with a blank expression and stood (as if at attention) and watched Lewis as he exited his office before Smash’s dark blond long mustache curled up as he laughed and said, “He’s lucky he got out alive!  Want a drink?” Mike shrugged as Smash walked to his small personal bar and replied, “Yeah, why not.  Got any smokes?” As Smash pulled out a bottle of red liquid and two glasses he replied, “Yeah.” He pulled out a cigar and tossed it and a lighter at Mike, lit it up and began smoking as Smash filled both glasses and gave one to Mike before sitting in a large cushioned arm chair behind his desk and stated with ease, “Don’t worry about him.  The Governor will deny his request.” Mike breathed, “Don’t much care from what comes out of his wind pipe.” Smash made a big belly laugh that almost made him fall off from his chair and Smash laughed as he pointed at Mike, “Remember that time when that one kid was going to stab that salesman in the back?” Mike took a drink and replied, “Yeah, and I look at that kid and he wet his pants before running away.” Smash spoke, “And you said I guess he was going to shank that salesman for diapers!” And Smash laughed as Mike smiled.


    Smash stopped laughing and recomposed himself before he looked serious as he spoke, “That wasn’t the only reason why I called you in.  I looked through the leave slips for next week and I noticed that you still haven’t put in for a single day yet.  What’s going on kid?  You have enough leave to last almost two whole months!  And that is not counting sick days!” Mike blew a smoke and said, “I am more than willing to cash all those days in.” Smash grumbled and replied, “Unfortunately the government won’t allow it since they need that money to keep the economy afloat.” Mike asked, “Is that all?” Smash leaned forward on his desk and asked, “Mike, I know you spend some time with the boys, but, do you have a girlfriend?” Mike sat still and stared back at Smash with a blank and serious expression as he let the rest of his cigar burn out in his gloved right hand and Smash sat back in his chair and stated, “I know about your wife and how she tried to kill you to collect the 10,000 insurance money, but this is different.  Hell, some people even think you are almost as crazy as those people in the Deadlands.” Mike took a drink and replied, “Don’t worry.  I’m not.” Smash then got up and talked boldly as he pumped his left arm, “Then act cool Mikey!  You re on the top shelf!  One of the best drivers in the force!  That’s why I gave you an open hand after one year on the beat and two standard drive patrol!  Hell, one more year people will start writing about you and calling you a hero!” Mike had a hard time to keep himself from laughing and replied, “Okay, I think you had too much to drink.” Mike put what’s left of his cigar down and his empty glass as Smash exclaimed, “No I’m serious! You, me, Bolt!  We are going to be the ones to bring the people hope in this pig sty!” Mike smirked and rolled his eyes before he got up and suddenly Smash’s large muscular arms grabbed and lifted him up by his arms and yelped with excitement, “Come on Mike!  Think of the possibilities!” The radio on Smash s desk went off, “Any nearby units.  A driver in a Super 8 truck is driving possibly under the influence along Route 4 and is entering Wayward Stop 7.  Any available units please respond.” Smash and Mike looked serious and Smash let Mike down as he reached his desk and answered the call, “This is Chief Sargent Smash, I and Mike will take it!” And just as he was answering the call, Mike ran down the stairs and exited the building into the night air.  A man in coveralls got up from crouching over the grill of Mike’s car and spoke quickly, “Just cleaned the front grill!  Don’t bash people’s brains in again please!” Mike slipped into his car, started up and replied, “No promises!” And Smash exited the building and got into his white 2017 Super F-250 with red and black strips along the sides and SAFP written in black, started her up and drove behind Mike as they tore out the parking lot and onto the lit road. 


    A six wheel pickup truck, with its lights on, swerved from lane to lane on the two lane road at high speed as the driver exclaimed, “WEEEE!  Demolition derby!” And he rammed a family car off the road as he side swiped it and he went after a biker, but just barely missed him as he continued swerving till he reached a restaurant with parked cars lined up on the front and the Super 8 went speeding off the road and into the dirt parking lot and smashed the back ends of the vehicles and just missed some screaming pedestrians, as they ran out of the way, and the pickup went back onto the road.  The driver leaned out of his window and yelled with his eyes closed, “WEEE!  40 points for me!” Then the sound of a police siren is heard and a flickering of red and blue lights pierce darkness and a yellow 1991 Ford Taurus appeared.  The cop driver looked out at the wrecked vehicles and exclaimed, “Awe shit!” His partner looked frustrated as he saw the destruction, as well, and he pulled out the mic and his voice boomed off the speaker on the roof, “Hey fella stop!” The Super 8 continued swerving and the cop’s voice boomed again, “Driver of the Super 8!  Pull over now, or we will blow out your tires!” The driver of the Super 8 yelled back, “FUCK YOU QUEERS!” The cop on the passenger side slammed down his mic and pulled out his sawed off shotgun and checked to make sure both barrels are loaded before he leaned out his window and aimed at one of the Super 8’s rear tires. 

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