Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


3. 3

Mike Weller sat in his V8 1969 Dodge Charger Special overlooking the same road before pursuing and executing the man who called himself “Black Jesus” when he heard the sound of an approaching white SAFP motorcycle and stopped to the right of him.  Bolt removed his helmet, goggles and a dark rag covering his mouth before he looked at Mike, smiled and asked, “Hey Mike, how’s it hanging?” Mike replied, “Same as always.  Waiting for another call.” There was a short silence as Bolt pulled out his canteen, took a drink and whipped the sweet from his dark forehead before he spoke, “Mikey listen, come to the station.  Me and the peeps have something that should interest you.  Maybe even get rid of that dark gloom on your face.” Mike looked at Bolt to see him smiling at Mike before Mike looked back at the horizon and replied, “Fine.” 


    Mike and Bolt drove to what appeared to be an old Textile Mill with a sign in the front reading, “Force Protection-Northern Precinct” and parked at the front where the spots are marked “Officers Only” And once Bolt removed his helmet, goggles and rag both he and Mike walked inside and were greeted by a large hanger of various models of Force Protection motorcycles and muscle cars undergoing maintenance.  They both continued walking till Bolt approached a blond haired black middle aged woman with jean coveralls with her back towards them as she worked on a door of an elevated red and black stripped 1968 Mustang and Bolt yelled over the noise of the machinery, “Yo Vikki!  Is that car ready?” Vikki asked back, as if annoyed, “Which one?  You have to more specific!” Bolt smirked and yelled back, “The new special!” Vikki turned back and saw Mike standing next to Bolt and she looked wide eyed, now having her full attention, and then she smiled and spoke aloud, “Yeah, it’s ready!” Mike followed both of them as they weaved their way around mechanics working and yelling over the noises for various tools and vehicles undergoing various types of maintenance and repairs till it began to thin out and reached near the very back left corner of the hanger and saw a black DeLorean DMC-12, with two exhaust fins in the back with a V8 engine between and in front of them and behind the driver and passenger seats, sitting on an elevated platform about a foot or two off the ground.


    Vikki went over to the left side of the car, opened the driver’s door up and turned on the engine and the V8 roared like a jet engine.  Vikki smiled as Bolt clapped his hands, laughed and said, “Oh she is a BEAST!” And slapped Mike in the back as he looked at the V8 and exhaust as he tried to hold back from smiling and Vikki said, “She’s the only car of its kind!” Bolt interjected and yelled over the engine noise, “A V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special man, and she sucks nitro!” Mike then looked awed at Bolt and then back at the car as Vikki continued, “Not just nitro, but air as well, for fuel!” Bolt made a fist bump and yelped happily, “Mmm, can’t wait to see this bad girl tear up the roads!” Mike looked inside as Vikki got out and stood next to him before pulling back a black panel between the headrests of both the driver and passenger seats to reveal bright blue, red, yellow and green liquid colored wires around a spotless, stainless steal engine parts and strange machinery and Vikki pointed out, “That’s the heart of this baby here!  Behind this panel so it could muffle the loud noise!” Mike continued to look on as the gears spun rapidly, making a continuous whistling noise, and Bolt laughed, “Dude’s in the zone!” Mike then turned the car off before standing up and Vikki closed down the door, leaned up against the car and asked, smiling, “Well?” Mike looked at both the smiling, anxious, faces of Bolt and Vikki and he smirked and asked, “When can we go for a ride?” Vikki and Bolt laughed and Bolt punched Mike on the shoulder and yelped, “That’s my boy!” Suddenly the loudspeakers in the hanger cried out, “All units, all units!  Five bikers racing down Route 7!  I repeat!  Fiver bikers racing down Route 7!  Suspects are armed and extremely dangerous!  Three fatalities and multiple vehicular and property damage!  All units respond!”  


    Five various model motorcycles raced down the road with various blunt objects in hand as they made cat calls or yelped in excitement as people tried to get away from the road, but for some it was too late.  The back of a man’s head exploded as a metal bat smashed into his skull while another biker swung his axe at a screaming woman and slashed open the right side of the woman’s face, leaving her jaw dangling, and cut her screaming short.  A teenage boy’s right leg is suddenly wrapped in a chain and he was yanked onto his back and screamed as he was dragged along the road, all the while the biker s laughed and yelped in join.  There was a loud honk and the biker that is dragging the boy cut right in front and past an 18 wheeler and the boy screamed as he thralled his hands and the 18 wheeler hit and crushed the teenage boy except his chained right leg as it ripped away and continued to drag on the road, leaving a bloody trail behind it.  Bolt sped past the carnage of people hit by blunt and sharp objects and large spots of blood on the road and sides as people either limped away or lied on the ground dead or screaming in pain.  Bolt pulled out his radio and yelped, “Control, send multiple meat wagons!  We have a lot of casualties and multiple property damage!” There was then a distant explosion and Bolt sped faster to catch the homicidal bikers.

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