Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


16. 16

Mike kept racing forward and the sun is up to its highest when Mike noticed there was a sandstorm ahead and he grabbed his helmet and goggles and put them on.  When he reached the war rig a construction tracker, with a digger, waved its crane and struck the ground ahead of Mike, as it tried to crush him.  Mike swerved, trying to avoid it, when two vehicles covered with spikes and spears approached from the sides and Mike ducked to the right as one hit him, shoving a spike that made a deep gash across his left arm and screamed in pain, and pulled its spike out.  A biker then came to his left, pulled out a rifle and aimed it at Mike’s face.  Mike immediately reached over, grabbed the barrel of the rifle, pulled it and slammed its butt into the biker’s face and the biker was knocked off his bike and Mike yanked the rifle off the fallen biker’s grip.  Mike laid the rifle down and another biker on the right peppered his car with automatic gun fire and Mike made a sharp turn, slammed into the biker and knocked him off while also running him over.  The crane swung in his direction again and Mike swerved to avoid it and swerved again as it came back and Mike reached to his side and pulled out a hand grenade.  He pulled the pin of the grenade with his teeth, swerved again to the right, threw it and it landed next to the tracker’s gas tank.  A ragged clothed man, that is controlling the tracker, saw the grenade and looked it with wide eyes as he pulled away his goggles and screamed when the back of the war rig exploded into a ball of fire, sending crane and debris everywhere.  The burning tracker flipped as it fell off and the man screamed as his burning body was thrown into the air and fell, hitting the front hood of Mike’s car (on his head) and covered a large portion of the black hood with blood and brains before the rest of his corpse was run over.  


    Mike slowed down, to keep his distance from the burning tail of the war rig, when suddenly a painted black man swung from the right, on an improvised pulley/crane, and threw a large rock that busted the windshield of the DeLorean, forcing Mike to cover his eyes from the glass.  The people on top of the rig (now the fires are under control) and the vehicles surrounding Mike laughed as Mike looked extremely pissed.  He then pulled down the gear shift and floored it, moving back to the right as blunt objects were being thrown at him when the same vehicle with spikes came towards his right side.  Mike looked underneath the war rig and made a sharp turn and went under and came out the other side, as the spiked vehicle hit the war rig, knocking one guy off and fell onto the spikes on top of the vehicle.  They yelled in anger as the spiked vehicle slowed, went around the war rig and tried to approach Mike from behind when a large dune buggy came up behind Mike and he pulled the red button on his gear shift and the exhaust vents/fans in the back fired flames and it hit the buggy behind (as the driver screamed and covered his face) before the driver was consumed by the flames.  The burning buggy slowed down quickly, but the spiked vehicle was directly behind it and slammed into the buggy and the buggy flew up into the air and came crashing down.  


    Mike sped up ahead as the Imperium raised their fists and cried out in anger and when Mike was ahead of the war rig, he set the autopilot and got out on top of the car with the rifle and the war rig driver looked at Mike with confusion and asked, “What the hell is he doing?” A biker pulled up to the right, trying to reach the war rig, but as he jumped the last sand dune, Mike aimed his rifle and fired and the biker slammed into the side of the war rig and was run over.  Mike then turned and aimed at the cab of the war rig, fired, but only hit the passenger next to the driver and blew a large hole through his head, leaving a big red spot behind in the cabin.  The DeLorean began to shake and when Mike looked back he noticed the DeLorean is running over rocks and a rock maze laid ahead.  He quickly got back in his car, tossed the rifle away as the maze rapidly approached and disengaged the autopilot and made a sharp turn into the maze, avoiding a rock wall.  The war rig and other vehicles followed behind but Furosium’s monster truck took a right turn and went up the rocks.  Three bikers jumped up and over the rocks above Mike and Furosium pointed down and they raced downwards.


    Mike looked at his side mirrors and saw the incoming bikers and noticed the one on his left loaded a Thumper while the other two on the right hand held machine guns.  He looked back and forth, seeing they are going to come up at the same time, and when they were just above him he rolled down both windows and just when the left biker dropped down, Mike leaned back as the biker fired and the round went straight through and hit the other biker in the face, on the opposite side, and exploded.  Mike then swerved at the surprised biker and crushed him into the rocks and as the other biker dropped down, Mike swerved and slammed hard into the rock wall and the biker exploded.  Furosium raised a fist and yelled, “Damn you!” He then pulled back the gear shift, floored it and the monster truck went off the rocks and landed hard in front of the war rig and behind Mike.  Mike looked back and sees Furosium’s face filled with rage, under his skull helmet, as he screamed in anger at Mike, revealing veins in his eyes and two rows of teeth from both the helmet and his mouth as he was catching up.  Mike then pulled the red button again and the V8 roared to life and flames fired from the big exhaust fans in the back and sped ahead as Furosium drove through the flames and smoke till they exited the rock maze.


    More vehicles joined the fray with Imperium on poles, either rigged on them or were hangin on, and the armada continued chasing Mike even when they were approaching the large sandstorm that is miles and miles both high and wide.  Mike pulled out his shotgun and laid out all the rounds as he loaded up when the armada approached.  The armada was directly behind him and two vehicles, with poles, pulled up to his sides and the people on them came down and tried to grab him, but Mike punched one away while punching another when all of a sudden there was an explosion to his left and another to his right and he looked and noticed they were throwing contact grenades at him.  He tried to swerve away (left and right) but the explosions were right up against him and he ducked, avoiding the shrapnel every time.  He then saw the growing sandstorm in front of him and he said to himself, “Fuck it.” And he pulled back the gear shift and the car roared faster, even when the armada is still on top of him.  The Imperium cheered and Furosium yelled, “You can’t run from the Imperium!  It’s over!” He then looked ahead and sees the growing sandstorm and then down at Mike, as he accelerated, and then back up and his eyes were wide with shock.  Furosium furiously waved his right hand at the war rig, indicating the driver to stop, but the driver shook his head and kept going and when they were up to the sandstorm it was too late.


    Some of the Imperium screamed in panic and when they all went entered the sandstorm a biker was blown off his bike and one of the vehicles, with a pole man, to Mike’s right was blown away as it flipped backwards and wrecked.  Mike squinted his eyes, beneath his goggles, as the sand rushed through where the windshield was and could barely see the horizon ahead inside the sandstorm and he made a sharp right to get out of the storm.  Then a spiked vehicle was blown away and it hit a car with a pole man and they both exploded, sending bodies, flaming debris and burning vehicles into the air.  The men on top of the war rig were blown off and one was sliced to pieces when he hit antenna like blades on the back of one of the Imperium’s vehicles and Furosium used his half hand in front to block some of the sand to see through the storm, but to no avail and he turned his monster truck back the way he came and he saw his armada being blown away, right before his eyes.  The front pole man car turned left but was blown off its wheels and it rolled on the ground as the pole man was blown off and he hit the front of an inclined monster car and he exploded into juicy pieces and cover the front cab in his blood.  The driver swerved to the right and rammed the war rig, as the war rig driver turned left and the rig tipped left and the back exploded as pickup slammed the rear of the rig and the truck rolled on the ground at first, then the burning truck flew up into the sand filled air.  A hot rod then spun out as it tried turning right and slammed into another hot rod and both vehicles exploded, sending flaming debris into the sandy air.  Then a modified muscle car, with a .50 gunner on top, turned right and slammed into a boulder and came to a sudden stop.  They looked around and at each other and one of them sighed with relief when all of a sudden another muscle car, that is a modified 2009 Ford Mustang, slammed into the back of the car and crushed both the driver and gunner before spinning clockwise in the wreck and shattering the back of another muscle car.  A biker with a cab struggled to drive and the bike flew in the air, along with the biker and passenger, and disappeared and the same went for two more bikers as they were separated from their bikes and one of them hit a dune buggy, as the driver screamed and covered his face, and exploded.  A dune buggy turned back but the driver looked surprised as a large truck, with an arrow gun in the back, hit him head on, smashing the front of the truck as it flipped over and crushed the dune buggy as the gunner screamed and flew away, lost in the sandstorm.  


    Furosium continued to watch in horror as another dune buggy was blown away, bouncing off the ground like a beachball in the process, and a large truck dune buggy immediately stopped, but was then obliterated by a rocket shaped truck and exploded, sending a ball of fire into the sandstorm.  A double .50 modified  1969 Ford Mustang pulled in front of Furosium, trying to escape, but Furosium crushed the wailing driver and passengers in his wake and Furosium cried out in anger.  He then found Mike in the distance, but just as he found him he quickly disappeared and Furosium screamed,  “DAMN YOU!”  He floored it and ignored what is going on around him as he concentrated his effort into running down Mike.


     Mike raced out of the sandstorm and once he was clear he pulled off his helmet, covered in sand, and saw more Imperium gathered around the entrance of the rock maze and just sat there, as if waiting for something or someone.  Mike then hit the brakes and the car jolted to a stop and he sat there wondering why they weren't t coming after him, when suddenly he looks through his left side mirror and sees Furosium’s monster truck sitting just outside the sandstorm, that is slowly moving away.  Furosium glared at Mike as he held the wheel hard and Mike reeved his engine as he turned his car around to face him and Mike starred right back at him with a blank/firm gaze.  Furosium started reeving up his engine as he held the brake as Mike did the same for his and Furosium yelled out,  “For the glory of the Imperium!”  The engine noises got louder and louder as Mike intensely glared at Furosium with his bright blue eyes, piercing the sand that covered his face and the inside of his car.  Suddenly Furosium let out a spine tingling scream, pulled back the gear shift and the monster truck’s tires kicked up dirt and accelerated straight at Mike as Mike jerked back the gear shift and the tires squealed as they kicked up the sand and they both raced straight towards each other.


    Mike pulled the red button and the V8 roared to life and the large exhaust vents in the back fired large flames and the car sped past 120 mph and kept going faster.  Furosium laughed as Mike glared back and when they got closer Mike whipped out his .44, fired two shots and one hit Furosium s passenger’s forehead and the other blasted through the windshield, past Furosium’s head and through the back window, hitting the multi-arrow shooter in the crotch and he slumped forward and screamed in pain as he bleed out.  Mike then tossed the handgun away and grabbed his hatchet and as the vehicles were only a few yards from each other (with Furosium screaming/laughing as he raced towards Mike) Mike switched gears to full reverse (as he unstrapped his belt), threw himself forward while jumping high with his hatchet raised in both hands over his head as he screamed and Furosium stopped laughing and looked shocked.  Mike came down, smashed through the windshield while driving the hatchet between the break of Furosium’s head and chest bone armor and Furosium screamed in pain as Mike screamed in rage.  Furosium back handed Mike and he fell over on the passenger side, where the dead passenger still sat.  Furosium tired to pull the hatchet out as Mike tried to pull out his combat knife when blood dripped from his mouth and his right cheek turned bloody red from when Furosium struck him.  Furosium gave up trying to pull out the hatchet and instead pulled out a Colt .45 (with the pistol grip made and carved out of bone) from his left side and pointed it at Mike’s face, but a she pulled the trigger, Mike grabbed his hand and jerked it away as the gun went off and the bullet past close to his left ear.  Furosium screamed with rage as he pulled the trigger and fired at Mike again, but Mike kicked him in the face and leaned to his left side.  


    Mike then was able to get up and he grabbed Furosium at the back of his head and repeatedly slammed it on the steering wheel till Furosium punched him hard in the chest, backhanded, and Mike flew back on the door, gasping for breath.  Mike then saw his car was approaching the Imperium and he pressed a hand held button and the car slowed and suddenly stopped.  He then saw Furosium raising his Colt to Mike’s face again and he began laughing till Mike looked at the right corner of his eye and saw something that made him smile and Furosium (blood leaking from his mouth) asked, “What are you smiling at?” Mike looked at him and nodded his head out front.  Furosium looked and Mike opened the door behind and he rolled out, fell and hit the ground hard (just missing the right rear wheel) as Furosium snapped his attention back and yelled, “HEY!” Then he looked back forward and saw two wrecked vehicles (one of them a spiked car) in his way and Furosium dropped the Colt, held the wheel and tried to turn left and screamed, but was too late as the monster truck hit the wreck with its right tires and the monster truck flew into the air, sideways, hit the ground on its left tires and flipped end over end along the sides, sending debris everywhere including the big tires till only the mangled cab is left and came to rest upright on the dirt.


    Mike struggled to stand but expressed no pain as he limped over to the monster truck’s cab as he pulled out his knife when suddenly he tripped and fell forward.  He pulled out his knife and stuck it onto the ground and used it to pull himself up on his elbows and eventually got back up again and saw the Imperium rushing up to the monster truck’s cab.  He then heard a loud, short, scream as Mike closed in till he saw Furosium stumbling out with blood running down his cracked chest bone armor and dropped Mike’s hatchet right outside the wrecked cab of his monster truck.  Furosium then pulled out his Colt .45 and screamed, “YOU’RE DEAD!” Mike stopped, slipped his knife back into its scabbard and stood ready to draw his sawed off shotgun.  Furosium made a short laugh, as did his followers, and Furosium called out, “You really think you can draw faster than me?” There was no reply and the air was quiet for a few moments till Furosium holstered his Colt and had his hand out and ready to draw.


    They stood staring at each other for a while, waiting for the one to draw first, with Furosium staring with his bloodshot red eyes at Mike while Mike looked back with his bright blue eyes, surrounded by his expressionless face.  Furosium then made a blood curdling scream as he suddenly pulled out his gun, but in a flash, Mike drew first and fired both barrels straight at Furosium and knocked him right off his feet and flew back till his back slammed into his wrecked cab of his monster truck and fell hard on his butt.  Mike reloaded his shotgun, holstered it and stumbled towards Furosium as Furosium struggled to get back up as he moaned in pain and his bone body armor is so cracked that it looked like the bone armor on his chest and upper body are one touch of completely falling apart.  Furosium pulled out his Colt and Mike still kept limping towards him (unfazed by the fact that Furosium aimed his Colt .45 straight at him) when Furosium pulled the trigger and his Colt fired.

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