Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


15. 15

Once the sun is almost down, Mike pulled out his guns and set them where he has easy access and hidden from the Imperium.  He also pulled out his hatchet and “Punk Killer” and hid them as well before booby trapping this car and covering it up with a tarp and camouflaged it with dirt and dead bushes.  He stood in the middle of the darkened, rocky landscape in silence till he heard the sound of someone cackling in the distance.  Mike then put on his night vision goggles, he took from one of the dead Imperium from the tanks, and looked around to see no one in sight.  He then heard a sound of a biker and he looked back and saw him raise a bat and Mike fired his shotgun, blowing the biker off his motorcycle as it crashed to the ground.  Then a 50’s hot rod came after him and Mike turned and fired, blasting apart part of the windshield while the rest is covered in blood and the car turned to the left, drove past and hit a boulder.  A monster truck flew up a dune and tried to land on top of Mike but Mike quickly reloaded, fired and the truck exploded in mid air (as Mike struck its exposed gas tank) sending debris falling all around him.  More bikers came and as one passed by with a bat, Mike fired and knocked him off and fired again as another biker raised a hatchet.  Mike quickly reloaded as another biker then drove up with a surfer and Mike fired, hitting both of them.  Mike ran to where he hid the Winchester when three dune buggy’s appeared and they began circling him, kicking up sand and yelled in the dust cloud.  


    Unfazed by the dust cloud, Mike pulled out and fired his shotgun in front and to his left, causing one dune buggy to smash into the rear of another while the other flipped and came to rest upside down and blood pooling where the driver’s head was.  A biker raced at Mike and Mike ran to a pile of dirt on the ground and whipped up a repeating rifle, fired and shoot the biker directly in the face, forcing to fall back and off his bike.  Mike heard the sound of vehicles slowing down and he climbed up a dune and saw a lot of men and women in rags or various types of clothing with guns, blunt or sharp objects disembarking a bus, tank and two halftracks.  He kneeled, took aim and fired, hitting each Imperium in the head, body or limb as they screamed or yelled in pain or anger and one of them yelled,  He grabbed the night vision from one of our probes!  When he ran out of ammo, Mike reloaded his rifle with ease, as the others panicked below and fired at various directions.  A bullet shot through the windshield and went through and through of the bus driver’s right temple, before slumping over in his seat, and Mike fired a shot through each window of the bus (on the left side) as the Imperium were still trying to depart when two flat bed tanks arrived at the scene and Mike, again, ran out of ammo.  


    He dropped the rifle and turned away from the edge and was about to descend when suddenly he heard the sound of motorcycles very close and he immediately rolled onto his back, whipped out his .44 (that was hidden in the sand right below him) just as one biker appeared and jumped off a dune before him and Mike fired, blowing the biker’s head to pieces.  He fired at another coming from his right and the .44 round ripped through the biker’s chest cavity and the biker was shot off his bike as well when another raced by Mike, from behind, and wrapped a chain around Mike’s right hand and threw Mike from his feet and yelped as his arm is dislocated and he dropped his .44.  The biker turned around and yelped in excitement as he started to turn back.  Mike used his left hand, gritted his teeth, hit his right shoulder and relocated his arm as Mike grunted in pain.  The biker then came after Mike and Mike shoved his left hand in the dirt, pulled out the SPAS-12 and fired it, blasting the biker from his motorcycle.  He then cocked it and fired agains at another biker (as the biker raised a sword) and was throttled off and then at another biker that was close behind his comrade.  Mike cocked it again, as he whipped around, and blew off another biker with a sword, just as he jumped over a dune.  A biker, with a surfer, appeared over another dune and the surfer has his right fist raised to strike down Mike, till Mike anticipated them, cocked his SPAS and fired, blowing the surfer off the bike in mid air and fell on his head, leaving a crunching sound, as the biker sped away.  Another biker suddenly appeared behind Mike, fired his handgun and shot the SPAS out of Mike’s grip.  


    The biker continued firing at Mike as Mike ducked/rolled on the ground with bullets striking the ground around him and got behind a boulder.  The biker sped after him and approached the boulder when Mike appeared with a M9 and double taped the biker.  Then a 1940’s hot rod came right at Mike and Mike turned to his right, fired and shot the driver through the windshield and directly in the face.  His partner tried to grab the wheel from the dead driver but the car swerved to the left, hit a grounded bike and flipped forward and struck the ground hard, upside down and crushed the cabin.  Mike then ran away from the scene and reached the top of a dune when a biker rode up and punched Mike below his chin and knocked him over and in the process lost his grip on his M9.  With blood running down his chin, he got back up and hurriedly crawled/ran down the other side of the dune and moved to the rocky side of another and grabbed his Thumper and a belt of ammo as he quickly loaded it up.  A souped up half track flew over a dune and came right at him and Mike fired as they screamed in anger and the front cab blew apart and the back flipped forward and came crashing upside down, crushing the three occupants inside.  A biker screamed and drove at Mike from his left and Mike quickly reloaded with a shotgun shell, fired and knocked the biker off.  Two more bikers came from the front with blunt objects and Mike reloaded, fired between them and the area exploded causing both bikers to be blown off their motorcycles.  He then heard a woman making a cat like screaming sound behind and he quickly reloaded as he turned around and dropped onto his back and fired a shotgun round at point blank range and struck the woman directly in the chest and was thrown back, leaving a cloud of red mist behind where she was.  


    Mike heard more hollering and screams of anger and excitement and Mike reloaded a shotgun round in his Thumper, went up a dune and saw a lot of Imperium’s heading right at him.  He fired and hit two with one blast then reloaded, fired hit the middle of the group of five with an explosive round before loading up another explosive, fired and hit one that is on top of a nearby dune, blowing the biker and his bike to metal and juicy pieces.  He quickly reloaded again, fired and blew two more bikers away from his right, loaded another explosive and fired at the bottom of the dune he was standing on and blew three more bikers away.  Then there was a sound of a .50 and the dirt in front of Mike was kicked up and forced Mike back, causing him to fall and roll down to the bottom of the opposite side of the dune.  Mike loaded up a shotgun round when he heard an angry scream and Mike (blinded from the sand) fired blindly and hit the screaming, painted, man in the stomach, silencing him.  He loaded another shotgun round as he ran to the right and into a flat terrain and two more men with hatchets appeared and Mike fired at point blank range, sending both of them flying back.  Mike loaded an explosive round, aimed at a mobile push cart (two wheels) of the .50 as it appeared from behind the rocks in front of him, kneeled, fired and the cart, operator and two of his comrades exploded into flames.  


    A large group of Imperium walked over the wreckage and their dead or wounded comrades as Furosium appeared on top of a dune and looked down at the Imperium as they looked fearful at what they see and Furosium bellowed, “What are you doing?  Spread out and find him!” Someone yelled, “FUCK YOU!” And a belt of Thumper ammo flew in the air and landed in the area of the Imperium and Furosium, not seeing the ammo belt falling under his army, looked out, saw Mike and pointed at him and screamed, “GET HIM!” Mike hid behind a boulder and a second later there was a large explosion mixed with screams of pained following the explosions the shotgun rounds fired from the belt of ammo and shredded more of the Imperium with a pellet from a shotgun round struck Furosium’s left shoulder and cracked his bone armor.  Mike then got up and saw dozens of Imperium either dead or bleeding out and he saw Furosium is still standing to the dune on his left, pointing at Mike again and yelled, “Get him!  I want his head!” Through his night vision goggles Mike saw more Imperium approaching, this time cheering or yelling in anger, and Mike ran away and further into the darkness (away from the fires from the exploded rounds of his Thumper) and after rounding a few dunes and rock piles he grabbed “Punk Killer” from behind a dead bush as he stopped and waited for the Imperium.


    It was dead silent, leaving only the occasional wind, when he heard a faint sound of a foot fall and he swung his bat behind and watched, through his night vision goggles, as he cracked open an Imperium’s head, like he was smashing a watermelon, sending blood flying and a few drops sprayed on Mike’s face.  He pulled the bat out and heard more faint movement and he swung again, smashing another person’s head in.  Suddenly he was tackled from behind and as he looked up he saw an Imperium bringing down a spear right at his face, but Mike jerked his head to the right, at the last second, and the spear stabbed the ground and grazed his left ear.  He quickly pulled out his shotgun and fired both barrels at the towering, muscle bound Imperium at center mass and fired, sending blood and pieces of the man s spine and bone flying from his back and fell backwards.  Mike quickly got up and heard the sound of someone rushing at him and Mike turned, pulled out his combat knife and stabbed a white painted Imperium in the stomach and tore the knife out to his right, sending blood, intestines and bodily fluids spraying/pouring out from the deep tear/gash and the Imperium fell and drowned in his own blood.  Mike s right foot hit something metallic and when Mike grabbed it, picked it up and noticed it was his hatchet.  He then heard a bunch of Imperium s rushing towards him and saw (through his night vision goggles) it was a large group.  Mike held his hatchet firm in his right hand, as the large group approached, and when the group almost overwhelmed him, Mike began swinging.


    He screamed as he swung, sending blood and body parts flying into the air, mixing with the screams of the Imperium Mike cut down.  He then ran, kicked and jumped over one Imperium and brought his hatchet down and drove the blade deep into another Imperium s right shoulder and the person made an ear splitting scream in agony.  Mike ripped the blade out (nearly tearing off the man s arm) sending blood splashing against Mike’s face and neck before turning and hit another with the back of his hatchet across the face (shattering his skull) and sent some brain and skull fragments flying into the air.  Mike kept swinging his hatchet and heard several shots as he saw some of the Imperium shooting blindly into the night (hoping to hit Mike) when he was hit in the right shoulder and another round struck his night vision and the green display went totally dark.


    Mike stifled a painful grunt, as he was hit on the shoulder, and threw the broken night vision goggles away before pulling out his shotgun and fired two shots into the darkness and heard two short cries of pain.  He holstered his shotgun, as he heard someone screaming and running at him, and swung his hatchet till it jolted to a stop and followed with a juicy sound (like he was chopping meat in a butcher shop).  He then saw a beam of light in the horizon and saw the sun is coming up in the distance and in the dim light Mike saw the rest of the Imperium (surrounding him) retreating and he begins to give chase and continue swinging his hatchet, cutting apart heads and make deep gashes across their backs.  Mike threw his hatchet and hit an Imperium so deep in the back that part of the blade stuck out through his forehead and he dropped flat on his face.


    Furosium screamed in anger and a war rig pulled up and Furosium jumped on top and the rig sped away.  When Mike heard the war rig and saw Furosium escaping, he ran, ripped his hatchet off the dead Imperium s skull, yanked the tarp away from his DeLorean and splashed water (from his canteen) onto his face (to wash off some of the blood) before opening the door up, got in, closed it and the DeLorean roared to life and raced towards Furosium, kicking up a large dirt cloud in its wake.  He chased the war rig deeper into the Savannah terrain and saw various vehicles surrounding it till Mike saw a monster truck pulled up alongside of the war rig and Furosium jumped on board and took over the driver’s seat.  Mike loaded his shotgun and then he pulled the red button and the V8 roared to life and the black DeLorean raced closer when Mike heard the sound of motorcycles.  He looked at his side mirror and saw six motorcycles, in the distance, jumping over sand dunes as they raced after him. 

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