Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


14. 14

In the rocky landscape, Mike is racing at full speed but is wedged between two tracked vehicles (that almost looked like tanks but the top is filled with ragged men firing rifles at Mike s car) and Mike tried to pull out his shotgun but the left tracked vehicle pins/hits his car so he can’t pull it out.  Mike slams his brakes but the tracked vehicles also slow down alongside and he speeds up again with the tracked vehicles following suit.  The men on the tanks laughed and Mike (frustrated) pulled the red button and the V8 roared to life and the DeLorean sped up but the tanks raced forward as well, kicking up a storm of rock and dirt behind them.  Mike then looked at the back of his seat and felt around in the small space and pulled out a large can of grease and threw it on the passenger seat before pulling out a bag of grenades.  A ragged man on one of the tanks yelled at Mike, “We’re going to squash you!” And as he talked, Mike tore the lid off the grease can, pulled the pin from the grenade, shoved it into the grease can and threw it at one of the axle wheels of the left tank.  The men on top laughed as the right tank closed in, until the wheel (where the grenade stuck) exploded and part of the trend and the whole belt flew apart.  When a pot hole appeared in front of the right track, the left tank hit it and made a sudden stop, throwing everyone off and one person landed in front of Mike’s car and is run over by the left wheels.  


    Mike swerved his car away as the right tank approached closely behind.  Mike then pulled out a box labeled “contact grenades” set the autopilot on and opened his door as the driver in the tank looked baffled and yelled, “What the hell is he do...” Mike leapt out into the air and threw the grenade at the right front corner of the tread and it exploded.  The tread blew apart and the tank flipped front the corner to the right side and flipped over and over, throwing gears and parts into the air as well as bodies (some of them were even crushed beneath the rolling tank) as Mike barely grabbed the back of his car with his right hand.  He pulled himself up and got back in the car, closed the door, turned off the autopilot and slowed down as the tank finally stopped flipping and came to rest right side up.  Mike drove over where the left tank was as the Imperium’s started pulling out their bikes in the back and he stopped his car in front.  They whipped out their handguns or machine pistols, but Mike whipped out his shotgun and fired both barrels, killing all three bikers instantly.  Mike got out of his car, grabbed a crossbow from one of the dead bikers and a bag of arrows, walked back to his car and drove off to the other tank.  


    Mike parked behind a billboard and he ate as he makes accountability of what he scrounged from the tanks and Imperium wreckage.  He then heard a sound of a bike and he loaded up his shotgun, got out of the DeLorean and looked behind the billboard and saw a biker pulled up to the side a few hundred yards back.  The biker pulled out a large, closed, clear plastic bag with boiled in it and stabbed it with a knife and poured it out onto the dirt ground before tossing the empty bag away and the biker yelled, “Tonight Mad Mike!  The Imperium will show you what happened when you cross us!” He turned and drove off and laughed as he sped away.  Mike looked on grimly before going back to his car and loaded up his .44, M9, a Thumper, Winchester repeating rifle and a Spas-12.

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