Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


13. 13

Mike drove on the lonely road as he looked ahead and saw two bikers (one with a side car) hiding behind a billboard as Mike saw the bottoms of their tires and feet, readying to drive out as Mike pass.  Mike got his hatchet and shotgun ready and when he sped past the billboard the bikers gave chase.  The bikers quickly caught up and as they did, Mike rolled down both windows and as the lone biker approached to his left, with a crossbow drawn and aimed as he approached, Mike swung his hatchet at the unexpected biker and it struck deep into the biker’s face and in one pull, Mike ripped the biker s face/head to pieces, sending out a splash of blood and chunks of flesh, bone and rags that were covering his face into the air and the biker fell.  The other biker approached to the right with a female craze ready and as she started grabbed the door she looked straight down both barrels of Mike’s shotgun and she saw a bright flash of light.  The girl’s head exploded and covered the biker’s upper body with the remains of her brain and skull and Mike fired again, hitting the biker’s left arm, he lost control and he screamed as he raced straight to an old speed limit sign and his head was decapitated and his bike and headless body tumbled when it hit the ditch as Mike watched from the right side mirror and raced onwards.


    Mike had pulled over and is sitting back and relaxing as he ate a can of meat when he heard the sound of multiple vehicles approaching.  He tossed the can outside and looked both ends of the highway and saw dirt kicked up outside of the road from his left, heading straight towards him.  Out of the dust cloud, Mike saw it was a biker with a man wearing footballs shoulder and body pads hanging on, a hot rod 1940s car, two dune buggies and a V8 version of a muscle car with the front end shaped into a skull.  Mike immediately puts his helmet and goggles on, starts the car and at full speed heads straight towards them.  He pulled the red button and the electronic hum started and there was a loud bang as his back fans shot out flames and raced towards the oncoming gang.  


    The gang still continued heading at Mike and they both were headed straight at each other as the surfer pulled out a metal ball and was going to throw it at Mike while he was going to pass by.  At the last second, the muscle car and hot rod pulled away and hit their sides (to avoid the head on collision) as did the dune buggy’s but the DeLorean hit one of the buggy’s causing it to lose control, lose a left rear tire and flipped on the ground before ending up slamming into the other one.  The dune buggy (that was hit) pulled to the right and the driver had his hands up and screamed as the other buggy collided into him and exploded (blowing up his crate of molotov cocktails).  As the events unfolded, Mike pulled out his “Punk Killer” and screamed as he swung     his bat and struck the surfer in the face (shattering his mask, blasting apart his skull and sent bone fragments and pieces of his face and inside of his head flying into the air) sending the surfer’s body falling backwards onto the ground and flopped as the biker continued driving.  Mike then spun the wheel and the DeLorean turned hard right and sped towards the others while the driver, in the hot rod, looked back and yelled through his mask, “Jesus, he s mad!” Mike quickly gained up on them and started hitting/rubbing the hot rod’s rear bumper and the biker sped up from the far right and started pulling in close to the right side, with his handgun, till Mike pulled out a blade, from the right side of his seat, threw it without looking and struck the biker directly into his neck and blood began oozing out (as the biker clutched his injury) and the biker fell along with his bike.  


    The V8 muscle car slammed to Mike’s left (knocking Mike away from the hot rod) and the driver fired a sawed off shotgun, but Mike quickly ducked at the last second and he pulled out his and when he sat back up he fired but missed as did the driver on the other car again.  Mike looked at the front right tire, aimed and fired, blowing out the front right tire and Mike slammed on the brakes, hit the muscle car onto an incoming hole on the ground ahead of them, and the blown out tire hit the hole and the muscle car flipped and over the DeLorean.  The driver and his partner, in the hot rod, watching shock and awe, even as the muscle car slammed right on top of them and they both wrecked as the crushed hot rod hit a boulder and left a large cloud of debris flying all around the rock as Mike continued speeding away and got back on the highway.


    In the distance, a biker watched the events that unfolded and drove away at high speed before pulling up to Furosium’s cave and reported what happened.  Furosium kept a calm demeanor and spoke calmly, “This Mike is proving to be a thorn on our side.  Gather a large group of The Chariots and have them at him at night.” The biker left and Furosium spoke to himself, “Let s see if he can see in the dark.”

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