Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


12. 12

Alongside the road, a hot rod version of a 1940s car was pulled over and two men in rags/worn clothing were scavenging a turned over wrecked pickup that left a trail of debris.  When the sound of a jet engine pierced the silent air the scavengers stopped and looked down the road to see the origin of the strange noise, but saw nothing.  The sound grew louder and louder and the two scavengers looked at each other (their faces covered by rags and goggles) and back out onto the road when suddenly they saw a black DeLorean moving at high speed towards them and when  it appeared over the holland went down and disappeared from view.  One scavenger rushed to their vehicle and grabbed a steel pipe when all of a sudden the DeLorean leapt up over the edge of the hill, they are on, and drove straight at the other scavenger at full speed and the scavenger threw up his hands and screamed when he was run over.  The DeLorean slowed down but kept on going, as it drove back onto the road, and the other scavenger jumped into his hot rod and drove off chasing after the DeLorean.  


    The hot rod quickly closed in and the driver pulled out a handgun and when he approached to the right rear of the DeLorean, the driver pulled back the emergency brake and the DeLorean’s tires squealed, causing the car to spin to the right.  When the driver side faced the hot rod, Mike Weller pulled out his shotgun and fired both barrels at the windshield of the hot rod as the driver ducked right before his windshield exploded into a shower of glass.  The driver of the hot rod jerked the wheel and the car violently flipped on its left side and kept on flipping, sending debris and gear from the car flying everywhere, till it finally rested on its right side up, leaving a long trail of debris in its wake and the DeLorean pulled up in front on the opposite end of the road.  The driver of the hot rod moaned in pain as he is slumped over the door and Mike opened up his door, walked over with a .44 magnum in his hands with a determined, blank expression and pulled the driver’s head up and asked with a firm gaze as if controlling his anger, “Do you know Furosium?” The scavenger (blood running down his mouth and forehead) replied, “He is the leader of the Imperium, and he is going to kill you.” Mike stated (unfazed by the scavenger’s threat), “Tell him this.  This is my road now, if any of his crew is within one mile of this road, I will kill them.” He then dropped the scavenger’s head and went back to his car when the scavenger yelled, “Who are you?” Mike turned and replied, “Former Officer Mike Weller of the SAFP, and you will tell Furosium that I am waiting for him.” He then got into his car and drove off, kicking up dirt in his wake.


    When the scavenger is able to get out of his vehicle and flipped it back on its tires he drove straight to Furosium’s cave, rushed up and kneeled before Furosium and told him what happened and what Mike declared.  When he finished, Furosium sat on his throne, silently, and all of a sudden he screamed, grabbed a new skull he possessed and threw it like a softball out of his cave and screamed, “MIKE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!  YOU HAVE FAILED ME!  SEND A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE! I WANT MIKE DEAD!” 

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