Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


11. 11

He pulled the bike into the front parking lot of the SAFP District Headquarters, removed his helmet, went inside the car garage and continued walking at a brisk pace as Vikki rushed to him, both concerned and sad, and struggled to follow next to Mike as she spoke, “Mike I heard what happened to Bolt and the other officers!  Are you okay?” Mike asked (as if ignoring what Vikki said), “Is the car ready?” Vikki replied, “Yes, but we had to make some modifications since your last visit!” Mike approached the V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special as he asked, “Like what?” Vikki replied, “Well, for fuel it needs constant running source of oxygen so if you stopped the car the engine will have no fuel or power to start back up.  Instead we modified the fuel system so the car is solar powered!” Mike stated, “So I can drive in the daytime without getting gas.” Vikki replied, “Correct, but I heard you are discharged, so I can’t let you take it.” Mike stopped in front of the car and first looked at her, with a grim expression, before looking up and saw Smash standing next to the side window of his office, looking down at Mike.  Mike’s body tensed as he looked back at Smash with a determined, firm, gaze while holding Bolt’s helmet and goggles in his left hand when unexpectedly, Smash made a single nod and waved a relaxed salute and Mike stated to Vikki, “I am cleared.” Vikki looked where Mike looked and saw Smash still standing there, relaxed, and holding what appears to be a mug of hot coffee.  Mike opened the door straight up and set his helmet and shotgun inside as he looked and found the gear shift and Vikki pointed to a red pull button to the right and blew his steering wheel and Vikki said, “That starts the V8.  The designation of the car is The Enforcer.” Mike spoke without a hint of emotion, “Nice.” Vikki backed up as Mike closed the door and Vikki spoke to him for the final time (with a sorry look on her face), “Good luck.” Mike started the car and the engine roared like a living, breathing dragon and he drove The Enforcer out the back and onto the road and headed towards the other side of the city towards Mental Affairs.


    The black, V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special pulled into the parking garage next to the MAC (Mental Affairs Center) and Mike walked inside, went up to the reception desk and asked the nerdy looking female receptionist where the Mental Claims Room is located and the receptionist (looking at Mike from head to toe with wide eyes) replied, “I’m sorry but you must be a Mental Affairs Officer in order...” Mike calmly and slowly put his right hand on his holster to draw out his shotgun when the phone rang and the receptionist stop in mid-sentence and answered the call.  Mike listened as the receptionist continued on the phone, “Hello Chief Sargent Smash, what can....” He stopped as Mike heard Smash spoke on the phone and the, still, wide eyed glasses receptionist answered, “Yes Chief Sargent Smash, that is most wise.  Thank You.” The receptionist hung up and returned to Mike and said, “Chief Sargent Smash approved your visit.  Former officer Mike Weller may attempt to come here and reclaim his property and sent you to intercept him when he arrives.” Mike dropped his hand from his holster and stated, “That’s why I need the location of the Mental Claims Room so I can catch him in the act and have a reason to arrest him.” The receptionist spoke, “It’s located in section D officer.  Just follow the signs and building maps to section D and once there you find signs leading you to the Mental Claims Room.” Mike looked at the building map, the receptionist laid out before him, and made a mental note of the path from where he is to section D.  When he is done he walked away, thanked the receptionist (that is still looking at him as if Mike is a stranger that doesn’t belong there) and walked down the hospital looking hallway to the left of the receptionist desk.


    Mike walked fast down the hallway, not paying attention to the people or Mental Affairs Officers that passed by, till he reached an elevator and pressed the 5th floor button before the doors closed.  After a short trip, the doors opened and Mike walked fast down a hallway, that looked similar to the one leading to the elevator before, and heard a familiar voice say, “Say it’s true, that your father is cruel!” And heard the sound of a hand being smacked against a metal table and Mike stopped and said to himself, “No.” He walked back a couple of steps and looked in through the door window to see Special Officer Worry standing and again smacking the metal table as he spoke the same line again in front of a black, under age, boy that looked scared and had his head down.  The child glanced up, saw Mike and looked at Mike’s face with a begging look and Worry turned around and looked stunned as he saw Mike and gasped, “You!” Mike pointed at him (with growing rage emerging on his face), “You.” And Mike kicked the door in and Worry yelped, with his badge in front of him, “Touch me and I will sue your....!” As fast as Mike kicked the door in, he kicked the door closed behind him, grabbed Worry by the collar, threw his back on the table and repeatedly punched him in the face a few times (sending blood leaking/flying from his nose and mouth) before Mike stopped and asked, “Is that how you treat children, like they are criminals?” Worry groaned and tried to look up as he replied, grumbly, “By the powers, of my government authority....” Mike’s fist struck Worry directly in the face and knocked Worry unconscious.  Mike let Worry go as he stood up, grunted and spoke, “Prick.” Mike looked up to see the boy looking at him both happy and in awe and Mike spoke to him, “Find home.  If anyone asks, tell them Special Officer Worry let you go.” Mike reached into Worry’s pockets, pulled out his business card and gave it to the kid, who is now all smiles and Mike said, “Go.” The kid surprised Mike with a hug before he ran out the door.  Mike left the unconscious Worry on the table as he closed the door behind him and Mike stuck the room key, he took from Worry’s pocket, in the lock, locked the door and snapped the key (still in the lock) before Mike walked away and resumed heading towards the Mental Claims Room.


    Mike entered the Mental Claims Room and it looked like an evidence storage locker from a police station.  Mike walked up to the clerk, behind a cage booth, that is already looking at him with suspicion and Mike said, “Sorry it took me awhile to come, but Chief Sargent Smash called and told me to bring Mike Weller’s property to him so he can make the arrest himself.” The clerk, now his right hand barely touching the bottom of the countertop, stated with a look of suspicion, “Chief Sargent Smash should have notified me, as I am in charge of the confiscated property here.” Mike answered, with a look of frustration and understanding, “I understand, but he felt dealing with Weller at his office is better than Weller coming down here, making a scene and possibly damage Mental Affairs property or hurt personnel.” The clerk gave it a thought and removed his right hand and said, “Sounds reasonable, and is thoughtful for Chief Sargent Smash to care about Mental Affairs.” He picked up a log and slid it under an opening to the cage and stated, “Print your name and sign please.” Mike took the clipboard and signed it under Charlie’s name before sliding it back to the clerk.  The clerk took the clipboard, looked at it, left his station and opened the cage for Mike and the clerk said, “The flatbed cart is in the back.” Mike went back, got the cart and stood by another gate as the clerk opened it and Mike put his sea chest, Atari and the rest of his stolen property onto the cart before pushing the cart out and leaving the Mental Claims Room as the clerk locked the gates behind Mike and resumed his post as if it is another normal day.  Mike pushed the cart down the hallway and straight back to the elevator he came from and pushed the button to the first floor before the elevator doors closed and when they opened again, Mike was greeted to four riot geared people with the initials “DPP” (District Police Pacifiers) written on the chest of their body armor.


    In a blink of an eye, Mike pulled out his sawed off shotgun and in one blast he blew away all four of the DPP’s with their glass shields, over their faces, shattering and behind them stood the shellshocked Officer Worry.  Two of the DPP’s groaned in pain, while the others laid dead on their backs, as Mike holstered his shotgun and pushed the cart past them and Worry without looking back.  Worry then grabbed Mike’s arm and twisted it behind his back, but Mike broke Worry’s weak grind snapped his right arm before kicking the screaming Worrying into the elevator and slammed his back on the far end and fell to the floor.  Worry tried to get up but kept falling back onto his butt as he screamed from the pain of his broken right arm and the elevator doors closed on him, making it the last time Mike and Worry run into each other again.  Mike resumed pushing the flat cart, with his belongings, pass the reception desk as the receptionist coward close to the floor and looked up at Mike with a terrified expression and watched Mike leave the building and entered the parking garage, allowing Mike to open the front hood and stuff his belongings in the truck before driving out of the parking garage and onto the street at full speed.  


    Mike listened to his radio and drove down the roads to avoid the SAFP till he reached a single stretch of road where there were no buildings or people in sight and he saw a billboard sign that read, “Border Ahead!  SAFP only beyond this point!” And he drove on till a few minutes later he saw two towering metal/concrete structures with a large metal gate between them.  Mike pulled on the red button and the V8 engine roared to life and the back exhaust fans in the back spurted out large flames and the car lurched forward, sending Mike slamming his back against the seat and cringing from the rush of speed beneath his helmet and googles as the speedometer spiked up to 150 mph.  As the DeLorean approached the gate, a loud voice came over the loudspeakers from the guard towers, “Stop Mike Weller or we will be forced to open fire!” Mike continued to look straight at the gate as the V8 DeLorean Special quickly approached it and guards began opening fire with machine guns and rifles, but the car was too fast for them and the bullets either recoshaded off the back or missed the car and struck the ground behind it.  The engine of the black V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special roared like a 747 jet engine as it quickly approached the metal gate and the guards, standing in front of the gate, jumped out of the way as the DeLorean rushed right past them.  The DeLorean blasted right through the metal gate and sent small and large pieces of metal flying into the air, like confetti, as the DeLorean jumped up a couple of feet and landed hard back on the road.  The V8 DeLorean Special continued roaring onward in the Deadlands and left the guards looking at the growing dirt/dust cloud, created by Mike’s DeLorean, in shock and awe where the metal gate, separating the Northern District of South Africa to the Deadlands, use to exist.  Mike sped on the abandoned, nearly dirt covered, two lane road and saw a sign that read “Prohibited Area” and had a skull and crossbones as it is also painted on the road that Mike sped right on by.

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