Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


10. 10

Mike woke up with a blurred vision and ringing in his ears, but quickly cleared up to see his world turned upside down.  He heard cheering mixed with the sounds of vehicles slowing down and stopping and Mike began crawling out, collecting his shotgun and knife on his way out and his face felt warm and wet and when he touched it he felt both of his cheeks and mouth were covered in blood.  He crawled out and continued crawling as the people from the dune buggy’s and motorcycles surrounded Mike’s wrecked car till Mike was forced to stop when a large man with boots stepped on his back and said, “Well look what we have here.  It’s an SAFP officer!” As the man continued talking, Mike slowly slid his hand inside his jacket, “And by the make of this car, it has to be none other than the one that killed Black Jesus!” He made a laugh and continued, “Look at you!  You are pathetic!” He then put his foot down harder on Mike’s back and Mike grunted to keep expressing his pain as the large man continued speaking, “I can squash you like a bug, but Furosium wants you alive to for what you have done to our brothers and sisters.” He took his foot off and using the tip of his boot, he flipped Mike over to see Mike staring right back at him with a firm, angry gaze and holding a small device in his right hand and Mike growled, “Fuck you!” The large, burly man looked down at Mike with wide eyes and before he could reach down there was a low click sound and the black 1969 V8 Dodge Charger Special exploded into a ball of fire, wiping out five members of the Imperium and blowing apart a bike and dune buggy as well as sending the man, that was standing over Mike, flying forward and away as Mike rolled over and covered his eyes from the blast.


    Mike woke up, startled, and he looked around and saw he was lying on his back with pieces of wreckage surrounding him and a body lying face down to his right, with his hand on his left arm.  Mike heard sounds of moaning and screams he laid back and looked up at the desert, cloudy, sky before looking down his body as he felt something and noticed it is Bolt’s helmet and goggles looking right at him.  He grabbed the helmet and at first crawled away, but eventually got up and limped as he walked fast away.  It felt a long time as Mike continued in the same direction, passing around the cover of boulders, brush and desert hills while the people, that tried to kill him, continued to look for him when suddenly he found Bolt’s motorcycle, along with Bolt’s and the other biker’s bodies.  He rushed over (as best as he could) to Bolt and felt his pockets and found the keys before starting up Bolt’s bike.  The radio came alive and Mike immediately radioed the location of Bolt’s body and told them Bolt s dead, Mike’s car is destroyed and the call they were responding was an ambush.  Without caring for their response, he looked down at Bolt’s body and stated, “I’ll make those fuckers pay.” He then put Bolt’s helmet and goggles on and sped down the road, back towards the city.  


    Mike reached his apartment building, after dressing his wounds, and made his way up till he saw the door was broken into and Mike looked on with a grim expression.  He pulled out his shotgun and kicked the door in to see his apartment was ransacked and noted his Atari 7800, DVD player and all of his electronics are missing.  He looked all over his wrecked apartment and under his bed to notice his Sea Chest of family heirlooms and pictures of his mother and father are missing as well and in a furious rage he screamed and smashed down a section of the wall, bordering his bedroom to his living room, and noticed a note on his empty living room table.  He came around, picked up the note with the Mental Affairs logo and told him that he is evicted from Force Protection and he is ordered to hand over his badge, standard issue firearm and turn himself in to be arrested while all of his belongings that they deem affect his state of mentality are taken and are the property of Mental Affairs.  Mike then crushed the note in his hand and gave a low, angry grunt as he looked at his broken front door before throwing the paper to the side and walked out, putting Bolt’s helmet on at the same time.

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