Mad Mike

In a continent where society is on the brink of extinction and the life expectancy in the police force is VERY short, only a MAD person will be willing enough to enforce the law.


1. 1

Somewhere in South Africa, in this apocalyptic world, a man in a black leather jacket, gloves, pants and jack boots stood at the edge of a steep hill overlooking a two lane highway with his black, V8 1969 Dodge Charger Special sitting idly behind him.  As he is taking a leak when a voice in his CB radio yelled out, “I AM BLACK JESUS!  I AM THE PRINCE OF THE HIGHWAY!” A male voice cut in, “Suspect killed Jack Tapper and has taken his machine pistol.  Did you get that Charlie?” Charlie replied, “Got it, he also has Jack’s Camaro.”  


    Farther south a yellow 2008 Camaro raced at high speed up the highway with a yellow and red racing stripped 1967 Mustang GT following close behind with police lights flashing and blaring horn as a white police motorcycle followed close behind both bearing the initials “SAFP” on there sides.  The black, crazed, driver leaned out the window and screamed, “YOU CAN’T STOP ME!  I’M THE PRINCE OF THE HIGHWAY!  THE ILITOLA!” They raced over the hill and a vendor appeared on the left side, pushing his cart along the shoulder, and the Camaro turned and the vendor looked back and saw the Camaro barreling down at him.  The vendor screamed and barely leapt away just before his cart was smashed and the crazed driver howled with excitement and yelled, “Yeah!  That’s how it’s done!  That is my law!” In the mustang, a police officer, wearing his blue police jacket and white helmet, leaned out the left side passenger window with a sawed off shotgun and yelled to the police driver to his right, “Get me closer Frank!” The driver in the stolen police Camaro saw them getting closer just as a school bus appeared before him.  The officer with the sawed off shotgun took aim and the Camaro immediately swerved just as he fired and blasted the rear window as they drove up and both the officers looked shocked as they drove straight towards the bus.  The driving officer swerved and the Mustang crashed to the left rear of the bus and Frank is immediately throttled forward and slammed his face against the wheel, sending a lot of blood flying onto the windshield, wheel and dashboard, as the car spun and the officer with the shotgun is thrown back into his seat right before the left side of the Mustang ended up slamming its side against the left side of the bus and both the bus and Mustang came to a complete stop.  The officer in the motorcycle sped right on past as he spoke onto his radio, “Charlie, Frank are you checked?” Frank is slumped forward on the wheel with blood all over it as he moaned and Charlie looked stunned and pulled out the radio and replied, “I’m checked!  Someone call the meat wagon, Frank is hurt and bleeding out!  Unable to continue pursuit!” The police motorcyclist spoke, “I’ll get him!” The biker got closer to the Camaro, but just as he did the insane driver pulled out the machine pistol and blindly fired at the officer and the biker swerved and dodged his head as bullets zipped past him as they approached a rest stop ahead of them.


    A restaurant, some shops and a car repair shop sat alongside the road as a woman carrying a baby crossed it, as he headed towards the restaurant, and is halfway when the driver in the stolen Camaro raced straight at the terrified mother.  The driver licked his lips and made a high pitch laugh as the woman screamed and held her baby tightly and covered the baby’s face when the Camaro slammed into them, making a loud “Smack” sound.  The biker kept pace with the Camaro and swerved around the scene as he quickly looked back in shock as nearby pedestrians raced towards the rundown woman and her baby and the biker called out on his radio, “This is Bolt to any nearby units!  Subject has just ran over a woman and child!  I am continuing pursuit!  All nearby units intercept and take this psycho off the streets!” Bolt immediately pulled out his machine pistol and began firing at the speeding Camaro.


    The stranger in black continued to look over the distant highway at the edge of the hill, even as a rattlesnake crawled up to his right boot.  The snake bared its fangs and hissed as it attacked the strangers foot when it was cut short when the strangers right boot flashed and crushed the snake s head in mid motion.  Bolt yelled over the radio, “This is Bolt to any nearby units!  Subject has just ran over a woman and child!  I am continuing pursuit!  All nearby units intercept and take this psycho off the streets!” The stranger balled up his fists as his body tensed and continued to gaze over the highway.


    Bolt fired his machine pistol again and busted the Camaro’s left tail light and riddled holes all along the back as the crazed driver fired his machine pistol behind, blindly, and blew out the machine pistol from Bolt’s grip and flew out/fell onto the road behind him.  Bolt reached to his right and pulled out a metal bat as he sped up to the left side of the Camaro and poised his bat, ready to strike the driver.  A wrecked car on his side of the road appeared and when he swung his bat he smashed the passenger window behind the crazed driver as he suddenly slowed to get behind, to avoid hitting the car wreck, and something caught the back tire of Bolt’s bike and he swerved and fell to his left side and slid on his back till he came to a complete stop.  The black, crazed, driver looked through his side mirror and saw Bolt failing in his pursuit and the driver laughed, “YEAH!  NOBODY STOPS THE BLACK JESUS!  NOBODY!”  


    The stranger got in his V8 1969 Dodge Charger Special and fastened all his safety belts before Bolt spoke onto the radio, “Bolt to Mike, we are 100% snafu!  He is all yours.” Mike pulled out the mic and spoke, “Affirmative.  Prepare meat wagon.” Bolt replied, “Will do!” The crazed black driver yelled in the radio, “I AM BLACK JESUS!  I AM THE PRINCE OF THE HIGHWAY’S!  FUROSIUM HAS BLESSED ME WITH HIS MIGHTY POWER....” As the “Black Jesus” ranted, Mike loaded up his sawed off shotgun and pulled out a metal baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped along the top half and put it on the door holster on his left side.  He turned the ignition key and the car roared to life (like a waking dragon) and put both his black gloved hands on the wheel and waited till the stolen yellow 2008 Camaro came into view, and he did not have to wait long.  Mike pulled a red button beneath his gearshift and the V8 engine roared and also gave a whistling sound before Mike slammed on the gas pedal and the car sped down the hill, straight towards the doomed Camaro.


    The yellow Camaro sped down the road, unopposed, as the crazed driver yelled, “DO YOU SEE ME FUROSIUM?  DO YOU SEE ME MAN?” He made a high pitch cackle till he heard the sound of a roaring V8 engine growing and when he looked to his right he saw a V8 Special, black, 1969 Dodge Charger coming right at him, from the dirt hill, kicking a dust cloud as it raced towards him.  The black, crazed, driver laughed, “OH YEAH! FRESH MEAT!” He suddenly stopped when he saw the Charger still kept coming straight at him and is able to see Mike’s black and blue eyes glaring intently at him.  The crazed driver looked terrified and he yanked the wheel to his left, to move over to the next lane, as he screamed as Mike’s car turned at the last second and slammed against the side of the Camaro.  The black driver shivered in fright as he screamed, “Oh my God, he’s mad!” Suddenly the right passenger window shattered, sending glass flying all over the crazed driver, as Mike smashed the passenger window with his bat.  The crazed driver threw his right hand up, to cover his face from the flying glass, and the Camaro swerved but kept its momentum as the driver screamed “JESUS...” Suddenly there is a loud shotgun blast and the passenger airbag deployed as Mike missed the crazed driver and fired onto the passenger door and dashboard and blew out the side mirror.  The “Black Jesus” swerved the Camaro and hit Mike, as he tried to drive him off the road, and “Black Jesus” yelled at him, “FUCK YOU MO...” Without hesitation, Mike fired his shotgun again and this time struck home as he fired straight at the driver side and part of Black Jesus’s throat exploded, sending out blood covering the lower part of the windshield.  The crazed driver grasped his throat as he tried to stop the bleeding and his mouth open and closed, as he tried to speak, when all of a sudden Mike pulls out a hatchet and he screams as he swung.  Even though he only smashed the passenger side of the windshield, Mike’s bone chilling scream gave the crazed driver a fright and he swerved the Camaro off the road and hit a large pile of rocks on its left side and the car flipped, leaning towards its right, in the air and came down hard flipping and smashing down the road with car parts flying everywhere till it stopped upside down and Mike’s Dodge Charger came to a screeching stop a few yards back.


    The driver of the stolen Camaro, with the right side of his face covered in his own blood, struggle to get his safety belt undone, till he saw Mike’s black, jack boots walking towards him and the crazed driver whispered, “Oh, shit.” And he watched as the black boots walked around the car and saw Mike standing over him in his black, jack boots, leather jacket, gloves and black hair over his tanned face as Mike looked down at him with an emotion less expression and his piercing blue eyes as he held his metal, barbed wired, bat over his right shoulder.  The so called “Black Jesus” looked up at Mike in terror and breathed, “Hey man, please don’t kill me.” In a blink of an eye, Mike slammed his left fist into the door and tore it off.  The crazed driver yelped as he threw one of his hands up and Mike grabbed the crazed driver’s safety belt and with one yank he ripped it off the seat, grabbed the driver and threw him out the car as he still held his bat over his right shoulder.  The crazed driver tried to get up quickly, only to yelp in pain and flopped back down as he yelled, “I can’t get up!  JESUS I CAN’T STAND!” Mike walked up to him and looked down at the crippled, crazed driver with a murderous, firm, gaze and the crazed driver tried to crawl backwards and away from him as he pleaded, “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me...” And he stopped when Mike stood directly before him and “Black Jesus” looked at Mike’s bat and at the middle of the bat (below the barb wire) he saw the words “Punk Killer” written blood.  He then looked at Mike and saw a dark shadow covering his face, as if the sunlight sensed him and retreated, leaving only his blue eyes piercing the shadow.  The crazed driver gathered his stubborn pride and said, “Is that what you think I am motherfucker, a punk?” Mike replied firmly, “Damn right.  And you are going to die like one.” The so called “Black Jesus” then yelled, “Motherfucker I am Black Jesus!  I serve under the great Furosium!  If you kill me he and all my friends will hunt you down and kill you for fun!” There was the sound of Mike tightening his right hand on his bat and Black Jesus looked taken aback and said, “Wait a minute, you’re messing with me aren’t you?  Cause cops can’t kill people if they are disarmed.” Mike replied firmly, “Yes.” Black Jesus looked relieved and Mike continued, “But you killed a mother and her baby.” Black Jesus looked confused and at that moment, Mike brought down his bat hard and made a crack sound as he dislocated Black Jesus’s jaw and broke it off and repeatedly continued to bash Black Jesus’s head in even as the dying crazed driver screamed, “STOP!  NO!  STOP KILLING ME!” But Mike continued to swing, sending blood and bone fragments flying up as the crazed driver’s voice died down and he only stopped when he heard the sound of the meat wagon approaching. 

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