The Dare of The Century

Monica Jackman is all about danger. Well.. when Evan Daniel's isn't involved. The one thing that she hasn't done, is refuse a dare, and she doesn't plan to start now. Even when her dare is to break into Evan's house.


5. Chapter 4

     You know that feeling when you are aching, but there is no way for you to tend to your wounds, that's what I'm feeling. The sound of Evan's haunting voice gives me that feeling.

     "Monica let me in, we need to talk," Evan says sternly as he bangs his head on the door. Inside my head I imagined that he was getting softer and more kind, but I guess not, he's still Evan.

     "I can't," I drag out so that he can hear the pain in my voice and take a hint to just leave me alone and walk away. But my idea is crushed when I hear sounds coming from the door again.

     "Monica if you don't open the door, I  will open it for you," Evan threatens harshly.

     "Excuse me?" A new voice enters. I hear the rustling of a bag before the voice returns. "I will give you 10 seconds get out of here before I show you out," just then I hear heavy breathing as a voice counts down from 10. 

     "WAS IT YOU?" Evan roars out. And this is where I decide to open the door, and good timing I have. When I open the door, I see the enraged face of Evan raising a fist that is mere inches away from Jason's face. The action is so shocking that I don't have time to think.

     "EVAN. STOP," to this he halts, but doesn't move his hand away. "It wasn't him, just drop it," I say meaning his fist and the idea. Evan's hand slowly unfurls. He mumbles a grudging apology to Jason before he slinks up to me.

     "I need you to tell me," Evan calmly states, too calmly in fact. I want to tell him with all of my very being. The name Chastity is on the tip of my tongue, but in the back of my mind is also her warning.

     "Jason," I sigh out in an exhausted voice.

     "Yes Monica," Jason replies breaking his stare with Evan. I look Jason up and down before I ask him. His stance seems solid and not swaying. His eyes look sharp and not hazy.

     "Can you take Evan back home. Also I was wondering if you could take that to your room or away," I ask gesturing to his bag which I can tell is filled with alcohol. 

     "Of course I can take him home, and I will put this in the garbage disposal," Jason says in a slow voice careful not to raise his voice and startle me. As Jason walks away, I wonder how I got so lucky.

     "You do know that I'm not going with him," Evan says after my brother retreated inside. The difficulty that I face whenever I'm with him reaches unimaginable levels.

     "When the time comes I will tell you, but right now I need you to leave," I say as calmly as Jason talked, as I don't want to agitate Evan.

     "I will let you make me leave now, but next time I won't leave as easily," Evan states before he goes and sits in the passenger seat of Jason's car.


I KNOW that this update sucks, BUT I am going to try to start doing longer updates every Sunday (excluding tomorrow) and no Wednesday. If you stick with me, I will perfect this process eventually.

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