The Dare of The Century

Monica Jackman is all about danger. Well.. when Evan Daniel's isn't involved. The one thing that she hasn't done, is refuse a dare, and she doesn't plan to start now. Even when her dare is to break into Evan's house.


4. Chapter 3

"I am so sorry," when these words came out of the boys mouths, it made me feel good, but now that Jason is saying it, it feels wrong.

     "Jason it's fine, your fine, he's fine, everyone and everything is fine," I tell him. "But, you have to apologize," I say.

"I am, and I'm trying so hard, I'll-" he rushes out before I interrupt him.

     "Not to me, to him," I calmly state. In all honesty, I'm fine right now. At this moment. The reason I want Jason to apologize is more for me than Evan. After I kicked him out, I don't know what stupid testosterone-powered thing he may have done. After I tell him who he's apologizing to, his face scrunches up like he ate something sour.

     "Why should I apologize to him. Who is he to you anyway?" he asks, still with sour face. When I don't answer, he guides the car to the shoulder, stops it, and looks at me. "Is he your boyfriend?" Jason asks eerily calm, putting emphasis on the word boyfriend. I blush and he sees. "Monica Jackman, you have a boyfriend?"

"No, he's NOT my boyfriend," I tell. But I wish he was.

"But you wish he was?" Jason's clenched teeth make it hard to understand him.

"Did I say that out loud?" I ask quietly, and in response Jason nods.

"Moni, I want you to listen carefully and don't interrupt. I want you to grab your backpack and all of your things, and get out of the car. Then, go home. After which, you will go in your room and lock the door if you want. I am going to get a drink from a friend, but right now, I feel the need to punch something, but I don't want to scare you. And I know you don't like alcohol either. I love you Monica, now go," he say all of this in a slow monotone voice all facing forward. Sometimes Jason can get really mad, but after the time I locked myself in my room for a week when he scared me, he really tries to avoid showing me that side of him.

As I walk down the street kicking pebbles, I start thinking about what Jason's afraid to become like, him.

*********Flash Back Begin************

     "You need me," he slurs out obviously drunk. "I don't need you," even though I know he's drunk, his words still hurt as if he were sober.

     "I know that Bobby, I won't forget," I say hoping that he won't get violent this time. I hate when people drink especially Bobby, because when he gets drunk he is the most violent person you've ever met.

     "You know you won't, and I'll remind you," he screams before he punches my side. I will not cry. I will not scream. I will not make a sound. Because he owns me, and if I say anything he's threatened to kill me.

     "Monica are you home?" Jason yells up the stairs.

     "Jason," I cry out, hoping that he'll find Bobby up here.

     "Monica, I'm going to go to Jake's house will be back soon, all right bye, love you," he replies, oblivious to the action happening in my room.

     "He loves you. He loves you, as in someone other than me loves you. I think that deserves a punishment, not to mention the fact that you tried to give away our position, and tried to tell  him what what going on. Settle down because this will be a long, long night," I spent the night screaming, but no one heard it. I am so glad Bobby is gone.

*********Flash Back End*************

     The screeching of a car's brakes breaks me out of my trance.

     "What in the world is wrong with you?" a random stranger asks, his car 10 feet away from me.

     "I'm sorry," I mumble, as I walk away. My mind wanders, all the time. I just almost got ran over by a car because my mind wandered. I wonder if I would've been safer with Jason.

\\\\\\\\\When I get home\\\\\\\\\\\\

     As I sit in my room doing homework, the doorbell rings. That's weird because if Jason wanted me to stay away, he wouldn't have rung the doorbell. I look out my window and I see Evan at my doorstep. How did he know where I live?

     "I'm sorry I just popped up, but I need to know what you mean, or what you meant when you said earlier that the person did not want us to interact," Evan tell us right before I close the door in his face. He can't know. I can't tell him. When I hear his light wrapping on the door, I hope he'll go away.

^^^^^^Author's Note^^^^^^^^^^^

Hi it's me again. I want to know any input or advice or feedback you had. This one wrapped up around 100 more words than the last one did, so around 800 words. Let me know what the word count should be eventually, I will try to work up to it in the future. Have a nice day, see you soon.

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