The Dare of The Century

Monica Jackman is all about danger. Well.. when Evan Daniel's isn't involved. The one thing that she hasn't done, is refuse a dare, and she doesn't plan to start now. Even when her dare is to break into Evan's house.


3. Chapter 2

As Jason and I cruise into the parking lot, the sunglasses feel a lot less protecting on my face then they did before.

"Are you sure I don't need to kill anyone for you?" Jason asks in full seriousness. I swear my brother can be so protective sometimes.

"Jason, I can't let you get in trouble for my mess. You know that I've learned to fight my own battles," I respond.

When we walk in I spot the familiar faces of Jeremy, Thomas, Christian, and James. All with matching black eyes. Jeremy approaches me first, followed by the rest of them all saying the words that I've needed to hear the most.

"I am so sorry," those four words are enough to release my barely contained tears and to alarm an overly protective brother of mine.

"Scram, unless you want to receive a matching black eye to go with the first," he threatens. When he looks away from them, his hate-filled eyes turn into concerned ones. "Which one hurt you Moni, I swear to every god I will make sure he never sees the light of day again."

"Jason calm down. Oh look it's Vanessa" I say as I spot his girlfriend, whose caramel eyes could calm him out of any murder plot (and believe me, there are many).

"Hey Monica, those glasses are amazing. Can I try them on?" she says as she removes my only concealment. And in 3...2...1... "WHO GAVE YOU A BLACK EYE?" she screams. This causes everyone to look up, and everyone includes Evan, who is once again sporting a look of pure rage. Jason spots this look and puts one very similar on.

"Was it you?" Jason growls as he stalks over. There isn't even time to reply before his fist meets Evan's face.

"Jason, stop," I scream. "Jason, please," I plead. "No, Bobby," I yell as I slid down the lockers. This seems to break him out of the trance he's in.

     "He's not here, he can't hurt you anymore," Jason comforts. His soothing words are nice and all but they don't stop my dimming vision. They also don't stop the tear I see seep out of Evan's eye.


     "Hi honey," the nurse greets. Oww... my head hurts, and everything is so slow. " You has quite the nap, 4 hours. You had that boy quite worried about you," she informed me.

     "What boy?" I ask her.

"He has black hair and green eyes, Evan I believe it was. Refused to get treated until after he saw you, but then Jason (Jason is a real teacher's pet) came and said that he wasn't allowed to see you. The Evan boy then begged me to let him see you, to which I agreed. When he left, his eyes were so red," Evan cried, over me. The Evan, the untouchable, stone hearted Evan cried over me twice. Breathe Monica, breathe.

"Sweetie are you ready to go, because you're free and school is almost over," I was about to respond when suddenly the door opened and Evan walked in.

     "Who is Bobby?" He asks quietly.

I knew this was coming, yet I couldn't be more surprised.

     "Did he do this to you?" He says as he slowly goes to touch my black eye. I flinch. I actually flinch. This makes him slowly withdrawal his hand.

     "No, uh he didn't do this," I say hesitantly.

     "Who did then? Know that when I make promises I fully intend to keep them," he tells me. Then, and only then do I snap out of it and remember.

"You have to go, now," I say. I remember what Chastity said and I don't doubt her.

     "What are you talking about," he says looking confused.

     "Look, you really have to go. Did anyone see you come in here?" I rush out.

     "I wasn't exactly looking for people in the way in, why does it matter?" he answers looking even more confused.

     "Look, I know you want to keep your promise, but you have to go. The person who did this, doesn't want me hanging out with you. If you want to protect me, you have to go NOW," I tell him getting angry. If it wasn't for him, this wouldn't have happened. If it wasn't for him, Sadie's secret would be perfectly safe. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be thinking about Bobby again.

^^^^^^^Author's Note^^^^^^^^^^

Hi, it's me again. This one is more than one hundred words longer than the first one. I'm trying. And my update schedule will be the same days, and posted BY 7:00 pm.

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