Poetry Spot

This is a spot where I will place random poetry. Requests needed (seriously request will power this).


2. Titanic Survivors

     There are 10 children erupting with tears as they slowly freeze to death. Us parents aren't quite sure what to do. We divert their attention from the frosted fingertips so they don't notice the slight blue tinge and question it. I see their body shaking, I silently weep on the inside, knowing that they haven't build up as much immunity to the cold as I.

     The adults silently communicate with our eyes. We know that we don't keep communicating with our mouths, the children will start asking where their daddy has disappeared to. I don't think any of us has the heart to tell them that their father's lives of been lost.

     Food. We need food. Water. We need water. Warmth. We need warmth. Please hurry, we need you.

^^^^^^^Author Note^^^^^^^^^^^

Old, random school project. Any input would be gladly appreciated.

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