Poetry Spot

This is a spot where I will place random poetry. Requests needed (seriously request will power this).


3. Loss

(The poems I post today will just get my old things out there, not good or really structured).

Loss is the going away, leaving, departing of them.

Of a dog, of a cat, of a person

A mom, a dad, an uncle, a sister, a brother.

When you say loss,

Some may think of a pen, or a pencil,

But what is a star, 

To an American flag.

What is the loss of a minuscule pencil

To a monumental life.

Death is the all time loss.

Death brings grief and despair.

But all death isn't the same.

A car accident,

The sudden death in which you may be responsible for,

You may take blame for,

But in the end, 

It doesn't matter

Blame or Fault

An illness,

In which someone painfully, slowly deteriorates,

Until your left with just a shell of a person.

Take Alzheimer's for example,

When you enter,

You are a fighting,


40 year old mom.

Then you're the mom,

Who forgets to pick their kid up from practice,

The one who forgets to cook for their beloved child,

And in the end,

That kid that you loved with all your heart,

Is nonexistent.

Sure they live,

But not for you, 

Not for someone who can't remember their own name.

A gunshot.

A painful death whether deserved or not.

Where your last moments,

Are spent staring down the barrel,

Of your enemies shotgun.

A warrior.

A death known to be coming,

But not caring.

Knowing it was for the greater good of the people.

Of your people.

Not thinking of yourself,

But of others.


All the same is loss.

Whether of a person,

Or a pencil.

A hero all the same, 

It's still death.

The loss of a beloved.

(I want to know if you'd rather have it written in sentences, but not paragraph form, or like this. Pleas comment your answer down below).

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