Hawaiian love story

Lily goes on a family holiday to Hawaii. It’s here she meets Elijah Hunters. A beautiful love forms between them and she begins to experience what love really is- messy but worth it. All she know is this has been the best summer of her life!


6. six

Me and Juniper quickly change into something more party inspired. He puts on dress pants and a half buttoned white shirt. Juniper looks totally handsome and I can tell Sydney is going to love him! I put on a white tight dress that goes to mid-thigh length paired with black strappy high heals. We take a few mirror selfies and then leave towards the 'older teen party' house. It was basically a massive marble floor under a straw canopy close to the beach. The music was deafening and there was an exciting buzz. I spot Elijah and the others, so I drag Juniper towards them.

"Hey guys!" I smile.

"Hey Lils!" London says excitedly.

"Hey bud, you must be Juniper." Marcel smiles as he sticks his hand out to Juniper.

"The one and only." He laughs as he shakes hands with the rest of the boys.

"Where's Sydney and Elijah?" I ask as we take seats on a high table.

"Sydney went to the loo and Elijah isssssssssssss there!" London laughs as he walks over to us.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Elijah laughs and then he greets Juniper and I. Sydney walks over in white skinny jeans and a hot pink tube top just like London. I introduce her to Juniper and they hit it off great.

"Care to dance?" Elijah grins after we spend ages laughing uncontrollably and chatting non stop.

"I'd love too" I smile and take is hand as he leads me towards the dance floor covered in a sea of drunk teenagers. All of us had drunk outrageous amounts of alcohol and far from gone. Me and Elijah dance for hours barely inches away from each other. His hands stayed on my hips all night as we swayed to the beat of the music. At 1 o'clock in the morning the music stopped and the bar closed up. Juniper walks Sydney back to her room while Lucian follows escorting London back as well. I think Marcel and Klaus had actually picked up some girls tonight so I have no idea where they went. Elijah has an arm around my waist as he walks me back to my apartment.

"You are so pretty." Elijah smiles as we arrive at my front door. I blush and then he pulls me closer to him. My heart pounds in my chest as I realise what's about to happen. He leans in and lightly brushes his lips against mine but then more urgently, sending sparks through my skin. I never knew a kiss could last that long! I pull away smiling.

"Good night Lils" Elijah smiles broadly and then staggers back to his house leaving me breathless.

As soon as I get in I collapse on my bed falling into a coma like sleep.

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