Hawaiian love story

Lily goes on a family holiday to Hawaii. It’s here she meets Elijah Hunters. A beautiful love forms between them and she begins to experience what love really is- messy but worth it. All she know is this has been the best summer of her life!



I go to the beach and see Elijah and some other tall boys surfing. Two girls stand at the shore cheering them on. I walk closer and Elijah spots me first. He runs out of the sea and jogs over to me.

“Hey Lily!” He smiles.

“Hey Elijah” I laugh lightly. He introduces me to everyone. The two girls were sister and called Sydney and London. They were here on holiday and had arrived two days before me. Then there was Klaus, Marcel and Lucien. Marcel and Lucian are brothers who live on the island here in Hawaii and met the girls when giving them a surf class. Elijah was on holiday with his parents as was Klaus.

“Nice to meet you.” I smile.

“Ah she’s from England!” London says excitedly.

“Yeah” I smile.

“We go there on holiday sometimes” Sydney laughs. We stand and talk for a while until we decided to all go swimming.

“Hey I’ll be back I just need to change” I smile and then Elijah kisses my cheek and runs into the sea.

I walk quickly back to my room and but on a dark red bikini. It was high waisted and the top was very booby. Screw it I think and then put my converse on. I walk down just in my bikini, my thin frame catching wondering eyes.

I kick my shoes off and run into the Luke warm water. I swim out to them as Klaus and Marcel start splashing the girls. They laugh and squeal.

“Lily come here” Elijah says and I swim over. As soon as I’m close enough he lifts me up and puts me on his shoulders.

“Ahhh! What are you doing Elijah!” I laugh nervously. He looks up and smiles at me. My skinny legs dangle over his muscular chest. I bet I weigh near nothing on him. He was so fit! Think Shawn Mendez with more muscles.

“Late the battle commence!” Sydney laughs. I realise she’s on Lucien’s shoulders. I clock on and start trying to shove Sydney off of he shoulders.

The sun beats down on us for hours. It’s not until the suns nearly down I realise I have to get back. We were in the sea for so long! Laughing and splashing each other. Although Elijah came up with every possible excuse to be near me.

"So tomorrow we're all going on a road trip to Coral Bay, you wanna come?" Elijah smiles as he walks me up to my temporary house.

"I'd love too.. is it okay if Juniper comes as well?" I smile.

"Of course, we'll meet at reception at 9." He smiles back.

"Okay" I cheer and then he gives me a kiss on the cheek and runs back towards his temporary living quarters.

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