Life of a SuperNatural: Book 1a Amy's Story

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking to Starbucks for some coffee, to keep me awake for the day. I never seem to get any sleep anymore. The same could be said for Mark, we're nearly inseparable these days. Just watching out for each other. Watching children's movies all night long reminds me of when we were innocent without a care in the world. Spoiled rotten. I was doing fine, seriously, I didn't think of her at all that morning. Until an old classmate came up to me. Honestly, the only thing I remember of the incident was her words. "Amy I heard what happened I'm so sorry for your loss". And just like that all the work I put into stopping the pain was diminished...

Everything changes when Amy's mother dies and her 'change' happens. In search of answers, what secrets will Amy unearth? What side will she fight for? Who is this new girl, Felicity? Why is she stalking her?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story: Life of a Supernatural 1b: Felicity's Story.*

3. Chapter Three


Invisible, I observed as the guests came in in waves. The lawn was meticulously manicured and everything was in its place. Amy stood next to her mother to greet each guest as they came in. Each one elegantly dressed as if it was a formal occasion. At least Amy's treating this as what it is; a party. Dressed up in black skinny jeans and a shirt that stated I graduated can I go back to bed now. It's just some girls graduation, not like she was elected president or something. Kiss ups, I sneered. The caterers that used to be setting up now walked circles around the room seeing that every need was served. After seemingly all the guests arrived I watched as Amy slightly bowed her head and was about to head upstairs with the little Asian boy she always hangs out with. Are they dating? Not that it will affect the mission. He has already awakened a long time ago.

Studying them from afar, I noticed how Ms. Sander's stopped Amy from going upstairs with the boy and guided Amy into her study. They were in there for at least 15 minutes. I tried to listen in on what they were saying, but the door was too thick. I don't know what they talked about, but Amy's normally happy face looked lost as she rushed up the stairs clutching an envelope in her hands.


I was just about to walk upstairs to play video games with Mark when my mother stopped me and pulled me into her office. My stomach dropped to the floor, the only sound I could hear was the beating of my heart, did I do something wrong? Glancing around to avoid meeting Mother's eyes I took in the meticulous neatness of her office. Just a desk, desktop computer with three monitors, server, and a mini-fridge.

Hesitantly, I watched Mother for any sign of anger. "Amy I have to talk to you," she said in a small voice. She looks weak now, something she hasn't been in the last eight years. 

/* How could someone who I used to see as so big appear so tiny before me? */

Unsure of what she was going to say, I bit my lip and uttered, "Yes, Mother?"

Looking down my jeans to my feet. I wearing black and blue colored sneakers. I ran my eyes along the whites of the sole that peaked out to me from my standing position. Studying the pattern as it looped around and intermingled with so many different shades of blue. I studied the roughness of wear and tear that afflicted it. I studied everything just so I didn't have to meet her eyes.

"Amy, you have sisters."

/* What? */

I looked up. What did she mean I have sisters?

"Wait, what? You mean I have a sister, and I know that she's coming on my birthday in July."

The only sister I have--- or will have is Sarah. I don't know really have anyone else that is related to me by blood except my Mother, Ethan, and my grandparents who don't want anything to do with me. Mother never told me why she just said that they hate us.

"Amy, I'm not talking about Sarah. I'm talking about two other girls who are the same age as you, with the same birthday, who also coincidentally happen to have the same biological parents."

"Mother, I'm sure I would have noticed if I had sisters. What you did you do, play a big game of hide and seek for almost eighteen years and didn't tell me I was it?"

"NO! You are so thick headed! I'm trying to tell you something important!"

"What did you do give them up? Did they die at birth? Because I don't understand why I suddenly have sisters and have never seen them!"

"Yes, I gave them up, Amy."

"Oh my goodness," I said as I closed my eyes and reopened them. I carefully scrutinized the woman before me. Was this really the woman who raised me?

 /* The one who always donates and assists our local charity organizations by donating money*/ 

Who rewarded her employees for volunteering and had me volunteer with her at least once a month? Was this the same woman? I didn't understand how someone could give birth to three little girls and look them in the eye and pick only one. I couldn't be in the same room as her anymore.

I practically flew to the door, but seconds before I touched the doorknob, she stopped me and handed me an envelope. In a voice quieter than a whisper she said, "When you're ready, we can go over this together."

Jerking my hand out of hers, I took the envelope and dashed up to my room.

Reaching my door I carefully shut it behind me not wanting to cause a panic with our guests. Slumping to the floor I flung the letter to the floor, tears kept falling one by one, bringing my hands up to wipe them as I finally looked up to see Ethan and Mark watching me. Their expressions sketched in fear and concern. Pulling myself together I picked up the letter and placed it on my bedside table, passing my in-case-of-emergency bag I kept on the floor by my bed. Answering the question I could see was hanging off their tongues. Taking a deep breath in I said, "Don't worry about it. It's nothing."

Then just like that their faces that were once sketched with concern changed. Ethan reacted first as he began crying and dashed at me full force, saying feel better as his face crumbled, filling me with grief in return. Quickly the tears started to return, I held them back and knelt down and hugged my little angel. Comforting him with sweet nothings. The question that's been banging around inside my head since she told me was why did she keep us and not them?

Mark stayed in the back awkwardly. He's never been good at situations like this. Even so, I could tell that he was clearly angry. Not by me crying but at whatever made me cry. He's always been like that, trying to fight my battles for me. Especially when the queen witch, Heather was being especially mean to me in high school. Speaking of which I'm pretty sure Mother invited her to the party. Yet, another thing she has done to disappoint me.

Letting go of Ethan as his tears died down after constant reassurances that I was in fact okay. I went over to Mark and whispered, "Mother just gave me some shocking news I'll tell you about it later when I ready and Ethy's not here. I'll be okay."

Giving him a quick hug, smelling the peppermint off his skin, I stepped back stating, "Let's just play World Dances."

He started to fight but looked back seeing Ethan he replied, "Seeing as you're still here I'm guessing you didn't fall flat on your face when you went roller skating." Smirking he added, " So no excuses if you lose."

"Mark I don't need an excuse to beat you. So just don't cry when I win."

"You say that now but let's let our scores do the talking," Grabbing the remotes and passing them.

"Okay, but my scores will be screaming Megastar while yours will be saying second best."

"That's not true Amy! He will be third best and you will be second," Ethan interjected.

"Let's play and find out," I stated picking Mic Drop by BTS. I took my place in the middle with Ethan standing a few feet in front of me and Mark a few feet back.

"Pick the part you want to dance or forever hold your peace because if you lose it won't be because of the part you chose. "

We all selected our parts. Mark picked Suga, I was RM, and Ethy was J-hope.

We designed our avatars earlier, they were the ones who danced the songs we selected. My avatar was Marilyn and Mark's avatar was Mr. Won. Ethan's avatar is adorable. I named his Baby and I still won't let him change it.

The game was going good, I was leading until Ethy got the super move that Mark and I missed. He stole the lead and was crowned Megastar while we got the loser message, Maybe you weren't meant to be a star.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Mark and I echoed as we fell to the floor in our defeat.

"Crown me, Amy," Ethan said, the smile on his face a mile wide.

It's just a stupid dollar store crown I bought, so I could wear it to gloat when I won World Dances.

"Fine. Give me a minute to dig it up." Walking into my walk-in closet, I grabbed thecrown that was placed in a glass display case on a small red pillow.

I could practically here Mark chuckling. He's been in my closet and has seen where I keep the crown. I never saw him so disappointed in me until that day.

"Did you find my Crown, Amy?" Ethan asked concerned.

"I'm sure she found it Ethan and is just convincing herself to give it to you. Right, Amy?" Mark stated, knowing full well that's what I was doing.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Mark. I'm happy for my little angel. I found it under all the stuff I keep in there. Now here you go Ethan." Barely able to utter the next words I said through gritted teeth, "You earned it."

I could see Mark out of the corner of my eye unable to contain his laughter, gasping for breath.

Clearing his throat, Ethan makes a motion for me too literally crown him. Why this little, I taught him well. Taking a deep breath, I placed the crown on his head and we began to play more songs on World Dances. Ethy never once letting us take the crown from him, winning every match until he got tired and curled up to sleep in my bed.

Once Ethan was asleep, I grabbed throw pillows and blankets from the abyss that I call my closet and put on an action film for us to watch.

"Mark remember when we were 10?"

"Ugh, don't remind me. I was kinda chubby then---"

"So was I----"

"By whose definition?"

"My new ballet instructor at the time"

"Well fuck her. You were a normal weight at the time."

"And so were you"

"Let's get one thing straight Amy. Ten years old wasn't my happiest time."

"No kidding. Kids made fun of you for your heritage and kept saying stereotypes about you. They did the same to me too. You know it was hard going to that private school."

"Yeah, that reminds me didn't you go to a public school before that. What was that like?"

"It was different. Kids were still mean but, if they commented on your race more often than not they were the same race as you. So it was only them practicing self-hate on themselves. The majority of our school was minorities. In fact, the majority was the minority in my school."

"Then coming to our school must have seemed like a whole new world to you."

"Yeah. It's not easy going to a practically all white school. Where suddenly because my skin is darker than theirs, they expect me to be the sole representative of my race. Like the concept that everyone is different and some people are okay with different things escapes them."

"It's always been like that for me. Having our classmates say things like your good at math because you're Asian. Or your tall for an Asian. I started trying to act outside of my stereotypes as much as possible. Until you came along, fiery eyes, and acted just the way they expected you too, eating watermelon and fried chicken, claiming that you loved it. Enduring all the gossiping they were doing. Telling all of my bullies to shove it and let me be my own person."

"You know what's funny?"

"What? And don't think I've forgotten about what happened earlier today."

"Well, I don't like watermelon. And what happened before... was me getting upset over what Mother said when she pulled me into her office." Glancing at the letter across the room.

"Really? Well, you sure convinced me that day. I mean after you did those stereotypes you challenged them academically. Scoring higher than them on every test. Showing how much more compassionate you were than them. You threw their ugly characteristics right into their faces. It was hilarious. Shut our bullies up for good about their racist attitudes at least. It was around then that I wanted to become your friend. Speaking of friendship, what kind of friend would I be to let you think I wasn't going to ask questions about your conversation with your Mother?"

"She just told me that I'm a triplet and she gave up my sisters for adoption and chose me."

"Woah. Three of you? God have mercy on our souls." Placing a hand over his heart in exaggeration.

"Hey! I'm not that bad!" Punching him lightly on his arm.

" Is that what the envelope's about? Your sisters?"

"I don't know I ran away before I could hear more, but, before I could even touch the door she shoved that into my hand. Saying how we were going to talk about this later. Mark, what do I do?"

"I don't know Amy. I mean she chose you but, she must have some reason for it. You did mention that she was sort of young when she had you, right?"

"Yeah, I thought of that. I mean she was in college at the time. But, what's going to happen when I meet those girls and they found out Mother chose me over THEM?! How angry or jealous would they be? And why tell me now?"

"Calm down Amy. Maybe after the party, you should talk to your Mother. Hey having sisters could be cool. I mean not for the world but for you maybe."

Rolling my eyes, "Yeah maybe. Well, I'm getting hungry," getting up out of the nest of covers and pillows we made to watch the movie, turning around I say in my best terminator's voice, " I'll be back."

"Well I'll be playing another song on WD"

"Why can't you say it normally. It's World Dances. You are literally the only person I know who calls it WD," I said as I about to close the door behind me.

"Don't step on my individuality!"

Laughing to myself I closed the door. Taking a deep breath, time to face our guests .... and Mother.


Studying Amy as she went up, I saw how much muscle she had gained in the past years. She used to look slightly chubby five years ago when she was taking ballet and gymnastics, but she quit and took up boxing and judo instead. Not that I'm complaining, it will be better this way. Too bad she doesn't know it's not just her graduation that she is celebrating but her awakening.

This party is boring. Just a bunch of people who really hate each other pretending they care and flaunting their assets. I would have gone upstairs myself but it will be hard to navigate the crowd while invisible. I wish Amy will come down already, I watched as the crowd quieted a bit and began whispering amongst themselves. Looking at the stairs I saw Amy finally made an appearance. Good, now I can finally carry out my part of the plan.

Listening in on the crowd, I heard them gossiping amongst themselves, "I heard she sleeps with anyone... I wonder what she' was doing upstairs all alone with a boy...Have you seen her muscles?... Isn't she afraid of looking like a male bodybuilder?" Angry I stopped listening, for goodness sake she was just a child. I mean I do want them to be thinking nasty thoughts about her or else my plan won't work but sexualizing the girl is uncalled for.

Glancing around the room I noticed Amy's mother, Ayokunumi Sanders with her back turned in the midst of making pleasant conversation with the guests. I already slipped something into her drink when she wasn't watching. Don't want her messing up the plan.

As Amy glanced across the room saying what I knew had to be false pleasantries as she made a beeline towards one of the caterers I presume. As a warm tingly feeling engulfed me I made myself become visible, then I tapped the young caterer on my left dressed in a black and white suit. She jumped surprised because to her I had seemly came out of nowhere. Smiling I asked if she would take the last drink on her tray to the young lady dressed in casual clothes. As she turned away scanning the room for Amy, I sprinkled powder into the drink on her tray.

Watching as she approached Amy I felt my skin tingle again and warmth spread all over me as I turned invisible again. Slowly making my way to the exits I thought, She'll be ours soon. With my hand hanging on the door I looked as Amy accepted the drink and took a sip watching the room. With each sip she took, I noticed how her hands tightened against the glass and her eyes darted across the room and her body began to shake. It's working, I'm sure he would like this.

Stepping outside I felt the crisp air against my skin. A strong contrast to the smoke and screams being let out of the Sander's household. Staring at my work I watched as people started to run out of the house, some either nursing wounds or carrying injured friends. He is going to be pleased now that she is finally awakened.


What do you guys think of Charles? Who do you think he is? What do you think Amy's sisters will be like? What do you think of Ethy? Anything not clear int the story? Any questions? How is Mark's character evolving to you? Please let me know in the comments.

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